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30 Back to School Food & Gift Ideas

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Sending your kiddos Back to School this fall? Whether you need a gift for their teacher or some after-school snacks for them, you’ve come to the right place!

A collage of five images of different back-to-school crafts and snacks

Fun Back-to-School Snacks and Gift Ideas

It’s been a few weeks since we have had a Fun Finds Friday. We have been SO busy! I was planning to post this yesterday, but things got hectic yet again and we didn’t have the time. So…this will be a Fun Finds Saturday! We wanted to share our favorite Back to School finds today including a couple of our own Back to School ideas! My boys have their first day of school on Monday and I will miss them so much! I am sure we will get in the groove of making fun lunches again!

A collage of 12 images of different school snacks and treats for students and teachers

30 Snacks and Gifts to Choose From

Here are the top 30 Back to School Fun Food & Teachers Gifts that we found to share with you!

Two frosted cupcakes decorated to look like stubby little pencils

How about these adorable Pencil Cupcakes from Confession of a Cookbook Queen!

Three butterfly snack bags filled with grapes and goldfish on top of a wooden surfaceJuggling with Kids made these super cute Butterfly Snack Bags!

A pile of orange, blue, red and yellow candy crayons on top of a kitchen countertopOur Best Bites made these fun Candy Crayons

Two Twinkies decorated to look like school busses on top of a teal plate for snacksWe made these easy and fun Back to School Bus Twinkies

A pancake popsicle shaped and decorated to look like an apple with a worm coming outJenny Price made these cute Book Worm Pancake Pops

A clear bag filled with Goldfish crackers and tied with a blue ribbon

These Fish Snacks are cute from There’s a 1st for Everything

Two Rice Krispie Treats decorated to look like a desk and chair with pretzel sticks as the legsWe made these Back to School Desk Treats

Love these Paper & Pencil Treats from Party Pinching!

Two chalk board cupcakes on top of a red piece of paper with "A+" written in marker

Love these Chalk Board Cupcakes from Spoonful!

A sandwich cut and decorated to look like a pencil inside of a school lunch box with healthy snacks like carrots and grapes

Check out these cute Bento Lunches from Parent Map

Seven little schoolbook snacks made out of fruit leathers on top of a wooden surface

Love these Fruit Leather Books from Hungry Happenings

A flower pot with a ruler drawn on the rim and "Thank You for helping me grow" written on it

This is a fun Flower Pot to make for a Teacher Gift from Giggles Galore n More

A banana carved and decorated to look like a school bus on top of a white snack plateWe made this Banana School Bus

Two apple candy pops with smiley faces on top of a polka-dotted plate

Apple Candy Pops from Spoonful…cute!

A teacher's survival kit leaning up against a stack of four more survival kits wrapped in red bows

Love this Teacher Survival Kit from Bee in our Bonnet

Three pencil push up pops in front of a green backdropBakerella made these adorable Pencil Push Pops…love these!

Three bags of mini store-bought cookies with "you're one smart cookie" written on a decorative piece of paper attached to the bags

Cute Smart Cookie and other printables from How Does She

Three giant pencil origami cases filled with Rolos and Chocolate Kisses

Check out these Rolo Pencil Treats from Thrifting and Thriving

A basket full of candy pencils with a basket of candy apples in the foreground

Cute Candy Pencils and other Back to School party food from Petite Party Studio!

A large glass jar filled with apple cookies on top of a blue picnic table

LOVE these Apple Cookies in a jar from Sweet Sugar Belle!

Two croissant sandwiches decorated to look like crabs on top of a plateWe made these Crab Croissants Snapwiches and thought this would be fun to pack in a lunchbox!

Peanut butter and jelly "sushi rolls" on top of a plate beside a pair of chopsticks

Make PB&J Sushi for lunches from Bon Appetit!

A pouch full of Smarties attached to a small printable sign that says "good luck smartie pants (not like you need it)"

Cute Smartie Printable from Beth Proud Foot

A rectangle pancake with an egg on top decorated to look like a driving school bus

We made this fun Bus Breakfast

A vase made out of pencils with apple pretzel sticks inside

Cute Pencil Vase from Amanda Parker and Family

These Apple Pretzels are another adorable idea from Party Pinching!

A plate holding seven apple Rice Krispie after-school snacks on top of a dining table

Super cute Krispie Apple Treats from Gourmet Mom on the Go!

A paper school lunch bag decorated to look like an owl with snacks for a teacher inside

This is more of a End of School gift, but who cares…This Thanks for Making Me Wiser Owl Bag is adorable! From Lisa Storms.

A picnic basket full of apple cupcakes with three more cupcakes beside the basket

Love these Apple Cupcakes that we spotted on Shoplet

A sandwich cut into a cloud shape beside a halved apple decorated to look line an umbrella inside of a blue lunch box

Love this Rainy Day Lunch from Cute Food for Kids!

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These are wonderful ideas. Thanks for sharing them!!

Great ideas!! I've pinned this post. Thanks for sharing!! Nichi

Great collection of ideas…I'm sharing it on facebook!

What a fantastic collection of back to school ideas! Thanks for including my flower pots.

Que ideas tan chulas!!!! Me encantan todas!! Saludos 🙂

These are adorable! I can't wait to try some of them for my kids. Thanks so much for sharing at Mix it up Monday 🙂

Those pencil cupcakes are to die for! I'm forced to pin them right now:)

WOW!!! So many SUPER CUTE food creations here!!! I am a pin happy lady =-) I will be featuring this at TGIF on Friday =-) Thanks for linking up – I always REALLY enjoy your posts!

Congrats! Your post was the #2 most clicked post in The Mommy Club this past week. I appreciate you sharing your mommy solution and resources with my readers! These Back to school ideas are awesome! Stop back over and share more of your wonder ideas!

Crystal & Co

So many great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing at Mom On Timeout!


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