Adult Inflatable Pool For 40 Bucks At Target

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When we spotted this awesome adult inflatable pool selection at Target we had to share with you! These pools can fit up to three adults and all the patterns are so cute and perfect for Summer!

Adult Inflatable Pool For 40 Bucks At Target

Minnidip Adult Inflatable Pool

Designed in Chicago by Emily Vaca of La Vaca, The Minnidip Luxe Inflatable Pool creates an organic paradise inspired by colorful paper art! Hand-cut shapes will bring vibrant fun to your pool party. They measure 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Fits up to 3 adults and perfect for children ages 6 and up! Blow up with an air pump or hair dryer in just minutes, then just add the water. Make sure to check out our Homemade Mosquito Repellent any time you have standing water outside…it works great!



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Happy #internationalwomensday to all of the ladies out there!! I am so grateful for every single woman who has made my company what it is, but also me who I am! For your encrouagement and excitement, for your shoutouts, collaborations and reposts to introduce my product to the amazing ladies in your lives, for being amazing stockists around the country, and for being the true inspiration behind @minnidip and @shoplavaca! 💕💕💕 Even though I am a solo female entrepreneur, there is a VILLAGE of incredible women behind me that I am lucky enough to call my family and closest friends, and they have contributed to every milestone for #minnidip in major ways. They have supported and instilled confidence in me when I have questioned myself (usually during vent/crying sessions). They have been my sounding board on if this was even a good idea. They have agreed to be models for minnidip photoshoots on our rooftop (☝️☝️☝️) or for all of my art projects in grade school and college (@momilitzer and @cvarrati 🤣). They have helped me build and celebrate collaborations within the amazing #AltSummit community. And most of all, they have been supportive and understanding when building my business and work obligations have unfortunately caused me to not be as available or present at times no matter how much I wanted to be. 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ It has been a labor of love and support from all of these incredible women, as well as the women in my family, especially my mother Marie and mother-in-law Soledad and my Grandmas Fran and Nancy!! And I love you all so much @cvarrati @momilitzer @shawnvallera @jsolley @carrieohmy @samyder @laur.lore @bigredmoto @t_rage @mrsdrdani @loraxgirl @thesentimentalfools @tmistick @madisonrshort @julieannecap @lisapalmer @katie_bolt_1 @aeschulze625 @ashleyrohr @mommahollis @theinkyoctopus

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Great idea to take to the beach as well for the kids and it will fit several of the littles…

These come in six adorable patterns found HERE 

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