Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

April Fools’ BANACHOS!

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We came up with these Banachos to look like cheesy nachos for April Fools’ Day. We used 1 banana, vanilla pudding, 1 drop of orange food coloring, vanilla wafers, a green fruit roll up.

We made the pudding and put 1 drop of orange food coloring in it to make it look like nacho cheese. Put in the fridge for 1 hour to firm up. We cut some strips of a green fruit roll up…folded it over and rolled them up to make our jalapeno peppers. We sliced our banana in 3 strips and cut those into triangles to look like chips.

We started out layering at the bottom our vanilla wafers (which you will not see). Put the bananas on top of that, but save 4 or 5. Put on the pudding and then place the extra banana chips around the sides. Add your fruit roll up peppers and there you go…Banachos!


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  1. You are so clever! Love this!