Artist Creates Sunset Selfies with Cardboard Cutouts

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During this quarantine, so many people have started doing really crazy projects. Some went really well; however, others have turned out rather bad. Lots of people are finding ways to make people smile and cheer everyone up during these hard times. This particular artist is doing just that. This artist is creating what he calls ‘sunset selfies’ with cardboard cutouts and everyone is loving them!

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Sunset Selfies

What are sunset selfies to be exact? This artist will take the time to draw something on a big piece of cardboard. He will do different shapes and figures each day. Then, he will cut it out and take it outside and create pictures with his cutouts and himself in them. From there he will upload them online with a funny caption.

He calls them sunset selfies because he is in every one of his creations and they always happen while the sun is setting. He started creating these because he likes to do things with his hands each and every day instead of constantly being at his computer.

This artist is John Marshall. He is also a writer and filmmaker, so he truly is an artist that takes on many forms, and these new sunset selfies just prove how talented he truly is.

He has been doing this for quite some time and turned this hobby into sharing smiles and laughter with hundreds of thousands of people. You can check out his Instagram and follow him through this journey.

Here are just some of our favorite sunset selfies that this artist created with his handmade cardboard cutouts. He is sharing his talent while helping us stay happy during these hard times. With humor and gathering beautiful artwork, John Marshall is truly an inspiration and someone to follow as these next couple of months roll out!

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