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Babybel Bunny riding a Pig in a Blanket Race Car

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Babybel Bunny riding a Pig in a Blanket Race Car

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Beep comes the Easter Babybel Bunny riding his Pig in a Blanket Race Car! We created this fun lunch the other day & my boys thought it was awesome! Very easy to make & such a cute Easter lunch that the kids will love!

Babybel recently sent us their different kinds of mini Babybel’s to sample. We love all of them including Original, Light, White Cheddar, and Mozzarella. My boys love the Mozzarella the best & I prefer the Light if I had to choose my favorite. Babybel is not only perfect for taking on trips for Spring break, but they are also great for school lunches & after school snacks. We would have loved to pack our box of Babybel cheese snacks for a Spring break vacation, but we had to stay home this year with my 3 year old in a Spica cast. He broke his femur bone about 5 weeks ago & we have one more week to go until he gets this cast off…YAY!

We did however have fun with our Babybel snacks & created this Easter Bunny riding on a Pig in a Blanket. My boys got a big kick out of this fun lunch & it’s so easy to make!

Babybel Bunny riding a Pig in a Blanket

1 Babybel Cheese Snack (we used Mozzarella)
Pillsbury Grands Biscuits
Hot Dogs
Black Olives (we like Lindsay)
Cream Cheese

Preheat the oven according to the package directions for the biscuits. Roll out the biscuits like this…

Roll out the biscuits

Hot dogs are different sizes so roll out the dough to fit the hot dog leaving the ends poking out a bit….

roll out the dough to fit the hot dog leaving the ends poking out a bit

Place them on a baking sheet….

Place them on a baking sheet

Bake them according to the package directions. Once they are done baking cut a hole out of the top using a knife. Cut a Babybel in half. Then cut one of the halves into another half to make bunny ears. We broke a toothpick in half to attach on the ears. We decorated the face with black olive pieces & a little bit of cream cheese for the eyes & teeth. We used a olive slice for the steering wheel. We also cut 2 olives in half for wheels. We added on mustard on the front to look like lights.

Babybel Bunny riding a Pig in a Blanket Race Car

Here is a front view…

Here is a front view

Side view…

Side view

We hope that you like our fun Babybel creation & we would love to hear from you what your favorite Babybel cheese is & your favorite places to take them!:)

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This is such a fun lunch idea. You constantly amaze me with your creativity.

These "cars" are soooo cute … it made remember when my kids were tiny and we would pretend the spoon with food was a car … complete with sound effects … trying to make them open their mouths 🙂

These are so cute!


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