Babybel Checkerboard Game Snack

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Babybel Checkerboard Game Snack

We received a fun box from Babybel & they asked us to create a fun game night snack for the family. our box included bags of Mini Babybel Mozzarella style, Light, Original, White Cheddar, light Popcorn, & a Phase 10 card game! We love all of the different varieties of Babybel cheese so we were excited to come up with a fun game night snack idea for them!

We love coming up with new & healthier ideas for us to snack on. Not only is this Babybel Checkerboard a tasty snack, but it’s also a snack you can play a game with! My boys had so much playing with this & eating it as well!:) This is also the easiest snack to put together…takes just minutes to make!

Babybel Checkerboard Game Snack

1 Package of Babybel Cheese (any kind)
Light & Whole Wheat Crackers

All you do is rotate the dark & light crackers. I know that this board is smaller than most checkerboard games, but you can make this whatever size you that you like. We cut the Babybel cheese in half using a knife. We popped the wax off of half of them & left it on the other half. Place them on the squares & that’s it! Now you have a fun game & something the kids can snack on!

Babybel Checkerboard Game Snack

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Mini Babybel provided us with product for this review. However, thoughts & opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of the brand.

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