Back to School Breakfast

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Back to School Breakfast

We made this fun Back to School Breakfast the other morning & my boys loved it! Very easy to make & a great way to get the kids excited for their 1st day of school! My boys start back tomorrow. I will miss them so much & can not believe my 2 older boys are going into 2nd & 4th grade!

Back to School Breakfast

Pancake Mix
Hershey’s Cocoa
Alpha-Bits Cereal
1 Egg (beaten)
Turkey Bacon
1 Mini Chocolate Chip

Start out by making a large rectangle pancake in a pan on low heat with your pancake mix. Take a scoop of some more of the pancake mix and then mix in a little bit of cocoa. Make another smaller rectangle chocolate pancake. They do not have to be perfect..just cut around the edges using kitchen scissors. Have the kids find the letters to spell Back to School with the Alpha-Bits cereal (they will have fun doing this). Place the letters on top of the pancakes so it looks like a chalk board. We beat 1 egg and pour it into a pan on low heat. Flip it over (like a omelette) & cut out a pencil shape using kitchen scissors. We used pancake scraps for the top & bottom. We cut a piece of turkey bacon for the eraser. We also used a mini chocolate chip for the pencil tip.

Here is a close up of the egg pencil….

Here is a close up of the egg pencil

Here is a close up of the pancake chalkboard….

Here is a close up of the pancake chalkboard

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2 comments on “Back to School Breakfast”

  1. Jill,I loved your article!
    Your kids must enjoy getting treats so early in the morning and also having a great meal before going to school.
    Also, This is nice to plan for Kids Birthday Party! They will love that!!

  2. What a fun Blog!!
    Kids will have their treat right from the morning plus having a great meal recipe through out the day.
    I loved it.

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