Back to School Tuna Fish Bento Lunch

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Back to School Tuna Fish Bento Lunch

We were asked by Bumble Bee to great a fun lunch with their tuna & we came up with this fun Fishy Bento Lunch!! This is such fun lunch to make the kids for school & very easy to create.

Bumble Bee

We were sent lots of different Bumble Bee flavors to choose from. My favorite was the Sundried & Tomatoes with Olive Oil. My husbands favorite is the Jalapenos & Olive Oil…the Chipotle was SO good as well! I am definitely going to purchase the flavors from now on…love them! I mix in just a little bit of mayo with the flavored tuna & it’s perfect.

However, my boys favorite is the chunk light tuna. If I am using the chunk light tuna I add a little bit of mayo & spicy mustard. I also add a bit of onion flakes & just a tiny bit of relish.
We figured…why not make a tuna fish sandwich actually look like fish. So that’s just what we did!:)

Fishy Bento Lunch

2 Pieces of Bread
Bumble Bee Tuna
3 Carrots
1 Pretzel Rod
1 Twizzler String
Gold Fish Crackers
Blue Jell-O
1 Clementine
Heart Sprinkles (optional)

Start out by cutting a piece of bread into a fish shape using kitchen scissors. Use that piece as a guide to cut another piece. Spread your tuna fish in between the slices & place inside a bento container (we like Easy Lunchboxes). Place 2 carrots on the end. Cut the other carrot to look like a fin & lips. We used a pretzel rod on top to look like a fishing pole & tied a Twizzler string around it to look like the fishing line….

Back to School Tuna Fish Bento Lunch

We placed Gold Fish Crackers in the top & blue Jell-O in the bottom. We peeled a clementine & pulled off one slice for the back. Place that on top of the Jell-O. We make 3 little fish using heart sprinkles….

Back to School Tuna Fish Bento Lunch

This was lots of fun to make & we I bet your kids will have a big smile on their little faces when they open this up at school! #BumbleBee101

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