Get a Battery-Operated Semi-Truck for Your Kid

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There are so many fun kid toys out there, but there is now one that tops it all! Get your kid a battery-operated semi-truck that actually hauls things around! They will love you forever!

Kidtrax Semi-Truck and Trailer Ride-On Toy
image via Walmart

Semi-Truck for Kids

Many kids love the battery-operated cars, quads, and race cars. However, this is the coolest new car that will keep them busy for ages. This is a real semi-truck, with a detachable trailer and a 6 wheeled cab.

It has traction strip tires so your kids will enjoy a smooth ride while driving around. Your kid can enjoy driving up to 4 miles per hour, or in reverse at 2 miles per hour.

Not only that, but it also comes with a trucker CB radio with a microphone, as well as working CAB lights on the front of the truck. All lights work and it has real sound effects as well! It also has built-in speakers, so the radio will amplify their voices when they speak.

The trailer has dual hinged doors so it opens exactly as a real semi-truck opens. It is very easy to load and unload whatever is put in the trailer.

This semi-truck is available in either blue or red, so any child will love to have this toy!

Where to Order

You can get this awesome battery-operated semi-truck for your kid from Walmart! You can order this semi-truck online and get free delivery to your house, or pick up at your closet Walmart. Get this awesome toy for your kid without even leaving your house!

You Can Purchase This Battery Operated Semi-Truck at Walmart HERE!

It comes to be around $250, which is the same for almost all other battery-operated kid vehicles, so you can pick the one that will suit your child the best.

This semi-truck is such a cool new toy any kid would love to play with! Get yours today and watch your child play endlessly all day long with their new semi-truck.

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