Birthday Tacos to Celebrate Birthdays

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Are you an avid taco fan? Instead of getting a traditional birthday cake, try these birthday tacos instead!

Birthday Tacos
image via Las_Brasis_Tacos/Instagram

What are Birthday Tacos?

Birthday tacos are a huge plate of tacos in a shape of you new age. These new birthday ‘cakes’ are becoming incredibly popular, because who doesn’t like tacos?

For example, if your daughter is turning 20 years old, then you would make a bunch of tacos and shape them to look like the number 20. 

Some use regular size tacos while others use street tacos, which are smaller. The best part is that any type of tacos work best!

Just like a traditional cake, you can still personalize birthday tacos with what toppings and meat the birthday person likes.

Not only are they getting a huge plate full of tacos they enjoy, but also shaped in their new age!

How to Get Your Own Birthday Taco

Just like traditional birthday cakes, you can totally make your own! These will be very budget friendly and you don’t have to worry about dinner for that night!

You can draw out the number beforehand on aluminum foil to help you shape the tacos correctly.

The best part about these tacos are that you don’t need any fancy ingredients or experience as you might to make a mickey mouse birthday cake for example. All you need and probably ingredients you already have in your home. 

Get as fancy or as simple as you like! 

Birthday Tacos
image via Los_Brasis_Tacos/Instagram

I’m sure you can also buy these premade from many local food shops as well. If not now, more than likely in the very near future as it is a very popular new trend.

It doesn’t hurt to ask a local Mexican restaurant to just save you time, right? They might love the new business idea as well! 

Maybe one day Taco Bell will create them too?

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