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These Miniature Black Cat Lamps are so Cute for Decorations

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Aren’t these little tiny black cat lamps the cutest things you’ve ever seen? These resin lamps will be the perfect decoration for any room!

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Cat Resin Lamps

Cat decorations are just the cutest things ever. You can put them in your kid’s room for a cute and little night light. You can even use these as decorations for Halloween!

These lamps are small and tiny for a reason. You will not be getting a big lamp. These are about 5.12 inches by 3.15 inches by 7 inches.

It is important to note that the lampshade doesn’t come attached. All you will need is some needle-nose pliers. It is not hard at all to attach!

While there is no set “on/off” button, all you need to do is simply push the button on the very top of the light and it will come on or off as you please.

Again because they are not a big lamp, the light is not very bright as well. These are meant to be accessories, not an entire lamp.


These lamps are incredibly adorable I can’t believe it! I want one in every room!


Here are just some of the amazing reviews of these cute tiny cat lamps:

Susan shared, “cute as a button.. not a plugin so I will only use it sparingly!! it makes a nice little nite light so you can get into bed with a little light. I am a big fan of Studio Ghibli movies and my favorite character is the little black cat in the “kiki,s delivery service” movie after whom the nightlight was designed and since there are 2 kitty lights in my order, I am sending one of them to my daughter who also loves the cat and movie!! it was a great value I think! the cat is bigger than I expected and heavier..not to be easily knocked it!!”

Victoria agrees: “These little black cat night lamps are incredibly cute and tiny. You just have to press the top of the light bulb to turn it on. The light is dim (not bright) but I only wanted muted light on my craft shelf. I love them.”

Where to Order

You can find these black tiny cat lamps on Amazon!

The best part is they come in a two-pack for only $18! Each lamp has a different type of lampshade to complete the set!

Order some of these for Halloween, or for a cute gift for all your cat lover friends!

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