Camping Crocs That Have Built-in Survival Tools On Them For All the Croc Lovers

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When you go camping, do you bring your crocs with you? Most wouldn’t, even if it is their favorite shoe. However, there are now camping crocs that are perfect to take on your next adventure!

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These new crocs are called the Campsite Classic Clog. They have a waterproof attachment and plenty of other survival tools on them.

Survival Crocs
Courtesy of Crocs/ Project Greenhouse

Crocs and artist Nicole McLaughlin worked together on these camping crocs together. Nicole made so many necessary changes to make these work perfectly for camping. If you didn’t already like crocs, these ones will definitely look hideous to you. But for all you croc lovers, these are amazing!

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You can remove the waterproof sleeve and all the tools as well. When you do, they look and act like regular crocs. When you need the tools for camping, just slip them on again. It is super simple.

Who knows, these camping crocs can save someone’s life with all these handy tools!

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Here are all the tools available on the crocs:

  • Flashlight
  • Paracord
  • Compass
  • Waterproof sleeve
  • Pockets

The croc is just like any normal one with foam arch, holes, and a heel strap.

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Would you wear these crocs for your next hike or camping trip?

You can find them at End Clothing.

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