Vintage Cars and Trucks Out of Rocks

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Vintage cars are some of the coolest things to look at. Everyone loves them and will even go to extreme lengths to see them at conventions every year. One guy decides to make vintage cars and trucks out of rocks for his town. They are just as impressive as the real cars, if not more!

Cars and Trucks made from Rocks

Chris Miller

Chris Miller is a lover of vintage cars. He loves them so much he decided to take on a project and make his own, just out of rocks.

He actually started a Kickstarter campaign for his project to get the funds to succeed in his goal. This was done back in 2012. He was determined to make these beautiful stone and rock cars as roadside sculptures for his hometown in Vermont.

His inspiration came from a similar project done in Ithaca New York in 1976. Someone created a Volkswagen Beetle out of rocks and stones.

His Kickstarter campaign actually raised $3,100 for his project! Turns out there were feller vintage car lovers out there who wanted to support his project and see it succeed. There were 85 individuals who supported his campaign.

The Project

Chris’s project took him about 5 weeks to complete. He used real car tires around the base. For the front and rear bumpers, he used long stones. For the windows, he had to use large flat slabs. On the rear window, he had a stone with all 85 names of those who donated to his campaign engraved on the window.

It is such a beautiful truck in the end. You can watch a timelapse of the video to see just all the work it entails to create a masterpiece like this!

Chris’s project shows us that we can do anything we set our minds to. Even if our project might seem unique or even weird, there are people out there willing to support you and help you succeed.

One guy makes vintage cars and trucks out of rocks; what will you do?

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