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Cat and Mouse Valentine Cookies

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Cat and Mouse Valentine Cookies
We came up with these fun Cat and Mouse Heart Cookies last year for Valentines’s Day before we had started a blog. I was going to say sorry for the bad picture, but my pictures are not that much better now.ha I do try to get a decent shot before my kids are grabbing the plate out of my hand to dive in! I am sharing for the idea and I am sure you could make them look a lot better…I had helping little hands that day.

We made these by using different shaped heart cookie cutters, cookie frosting, 2 pink Starburst, 1 red Twizzler string, heart candies, chow mein noodles, and a sugar cookie recipe.

Make your favorate sugar cookie recipe and cut it out with a small heart cookie cutter and a large heart cutter. Just place the small one on the big one to make sure it will fit for the ears. Bake the cookies and let them cool. Frost them with your favorite cookie frosting recipe or just make it easy and get the Betty Crocker cookie frosting.

We put a couple of pink Starburst in the microwave for 8 seconds and then flattened them with a small roller. We cut out a tongue and the ears for the cat. We decorated both of the faces with heart candies. We used chow mein noodles for the whiskers. We rolled up a Twizzler string for the tail. We attached red cookie frosting in different areas for the tail to stay put!

My boys LOVED these and they were so fun to make with them!

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wow – you're so creative. Those are darling!!!

I think they are super cute!

they are adorable, and you know what, my pictures are no better, actually this pic is really good, you can see all the detail! And what a cute idea.

Good idea. This would be good for children party.
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