Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons


Tips and Tricks and other great ideas!

Easter Egg Decorating Kit

Easter Egg Decorator Machine – Lets Kids Create The Coolest Eggs Without the Mess

Dinosaur Waffle Maker

Mini Dinosaur Waffle Maker for Kids that Love Dinosaurs

Crochet Baby Flip Flops

Crochet Baby Flip Flops

20 Hacks to Make Your Home Smell Amazing!

How To Make Your House Smell Good With 20 Easy Hacks

Kids Outdoor Lounger Patio Furniture

Kids Outdoor Patio Furniture

Giant Inflatable Easel

Giant Inflatable Easel – Keeps Your Kids Painting Outdoors For Hours

Double Cot Tent

Double Tent Cot – Keeps You Off The Cold Hard Ground For Camping

Bubble Wall Cat Bed

Your Cat Needs This Wall-Mounted Bed

Teen Boy Gave Every Girl a Flower at School

Blackout Curtains

New Blackout Curtains Unlike Any Other

CEO gives his employees $2,000 to go on vacation says people are more productive than ever

Gerber Baby Contest

Your Baby Can Be The Next Gerber Baby

You Can Have a Fluffy Miniature Cow As a Pet

French's Mustard Ice Cream

French’s Now Makes Mustard Ice Cream

Vlasic Making Real Pickle Chips Is In The Works

Corgi Butt Pants

You Can Get Leggings That Turn Your Booty Into a Corgi Butt


Kind People Are The Smartest

Boys Save Mans Life

Three boys spotted a man about to jump off a bridge, grabbed him and didn’t let go

‘Wore It Once’ Laundry Hamper That Can Replace ‘The Chair’ In Your Bedroom

Beach Glass Window Wall Art

This Handmade Beach Glass Art Is Absolutely Gorgeous

Pepper Spray Spitting Llama Keychain – Cutest Way To Defend Yourself

Tipsy Giant Jenga Game Has Blocks With Hidden Jello Shots Inside That You Claim If You Pull

No Matter How Old I Get " I Want My Mom" Will Always Be There At Moments

You’re Never Too Old To Need Your Mom

13 Habits for Raising Great Kids

13 Habits For Raising Great Kids