Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons


Taco Bell Wedding

Have Your Dream Wedding at Taco Bell for Only $600

Crochet Mice

You Can Crochet These Adorable Little Mice


You Can Get A Fart Vacuum to Suck Up Your Farts Before They Smell

Miniature Crochet Turtles

Bud Light

Bud Light Boozy Seltzer Frozen Icicles

Black Succulents

You Can Now Buy Beautiful Black Succulents and I Want One

Swim Goggles

The Most Comfortable Goggles That Won’t Tear Your Hair Out


Amazon Devices will Soon Share Your Internet Bandwidth with Your Neighbors. Here’s How You Opt Out.

Laundry Vinegar

Put Vinegar in Your Laundry for Whiter, Softer, Stain-Free Clothes

Bear Claw Succulents

Fuzzy Bear Claw Succulents

Chicken Tutu

You Can Get a Tutu for Your Chicken

Mop SLippers

Mop Slippers


This Amazing Sun Bracelet Helps You Avoid Getting Sunburned

Cloth Toilet Paper

People Are Ditching Toilet Paper And Getting Reusable Cloth Rolls

Chicken Hulk Arms

You Can Get These Hulk Arms For Your Chickens

Unicorn Paddleboard

This Inflatable Attachment Turns Your Paddle Board Into A Unicorn

Pickle Seltzer

You Can Now Get A Dill Pickle Hard Seltzer and It’s Amazing

Pool FLoat

You Can Get A Giant Rideable Jurassic Park Pool Float and It’s Amazing


Your Kitchen Needs This Crochet Opossum to Store all Your Plastic Bags 

Taco Pickles

Taco Pickles are the Latest Hot Food Trend and You Have to Try Them 

You Can Get a Flaming Bike Beer Can Chicken Stand for The Grill Master in Your Life

Rainbow Succulent

You Can Get a Rainbow Air Plant That Will Purify Your Home

Puff n Fluff

You Can Get a Wearable Dryer Jacket to Dry Your Dog After Bath Time

Over 40 of the BEST Cake Recipes!

50 of the BEST Cake Recipes


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