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Caterpillar Breakfast

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Caterpillar Breakfast

We created this fun Caterpillar Breakfast this morning & my boys thought this was super cute. Made with a complete breakfast including pancakes, eggs, & fruit!

Caterpillar Breakfast

Pancake Mix (we like Bisquick)
2 Scrambled Eggs
Green Grapes
1 Strawberry

Pour your pancake mix in a pan over low heat to fit the bottom of your plate. Cut around the edges if need to fit using kitchen scissors. Line up about 8 grapes on top & use a larger grape for the head. Cut a few raisins into slices & use that for the feet. We cut off a piece from a strawberry for the mouth. Scramble up your eggs for the sun. You could also cut a orange slice, but my boys really wanted eggs.

Super easy to make & this fun breakfast will put a big smile on your kids faces!:)

Caterpillar Breakfast

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  1. This may possibly be one of my favorite breakfast of yours!!