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A Chick Cracking his Potato Egg Dinner

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A Chick Cracking his Potato Egg Dinner
We made this cute little Easter Chick Dinner and it’s a good way to get your kids to eat corn! We used 1 potato, rotisserie chicken, mixed greens, 1 baby carrot, and corn.

Bake the potatoes. Cut the back off a bit so it will stay and not roll over. Then cut it in a zig zag for the hatching effect. Cook the corn and shape the head and the body for the chick. Cut the rotisserie chicken with the skin on to make the tree. Use the salad for the leaves and the grass. Cut the baby carrot to shape the beak and little chick feet. I also used 1 black olive slice for the eyes, but you could cut up a raisin or use really anything else for that. This is very quick and easy to do!

You can view all of our Easter fun food creations HERE!

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Cute picture. Any child would like this.


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