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Chipotle Will Pay 100% of College Tuition Costs for Employees

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Chipotle, the restaurant that offers the best burrito bowls in the entire universe, has announced they’ll pay for a “…variety of [college]programs” for their employees.

It’s so wonderful when a corporation does something especially helpful for its employees. Starbucks, for example, offers full-tuition coverage for employees who work at least 20 hours a week. Smart companies are those who are beginning to wake up and realize that being good to people who work for them is a way to be a good corporate neighbor.


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About Chipotle’s College Tuition

1. There are specific degrees that are included.

You can’t use their tuition program to pay for an English degree at Yale.

The employee must be seeking to get a degree in business or technology. Our country needs to fill these kinds of jobs with smart, talented people. We’ll continue to need more and more folks with degrees such as these as life around us changes.

Business administration, software development, organizational leadership, computer and network security, and human resource management are the choices. Make no mistake, though, these are great jobs and they show no sign of slowing.

2. There are particular universities with whom they partner.

There are even more education providers coming onboard in 2020.

Bellevue University

Accounting (BS)
Business (BS)
Business Administration (BS)
Business Analysis and Management (BS)
Communication Studies (BA / BAS)
Business Management and Leadership (BS)
Computer Information Systems (BA / BAS )
Cybersecurity (BS)
Information Technology (BS)
Management (BS)
Management Information Systems (BS)
Management of Human Resources (BS)
Marketing (BS)
Project Management (BS)
Software Development (BS)
Supply Chain, Transportation & Logistics Mgmt (BS)
Web Development (BS)

Brandman University

General Business (MyPath / AA)
General Education (AA)
Applied Studies (BS)
Business Administration (MyPath / BBA)
Business Administration (SAY / BBA)
Communications and Media (BA)
Computing Technology (BS)
Information Technology (MyPath/ BS)
Organizational Leadership (BA)

University of Denver

Information Technology (BS)
Health Administration (BA)
Arts in Leadership and Organization Studies (BA)

Wilmington University

Organizational Dynamics (BS)
Accounting (BS)
Applied Technology (AS)
Applied Technology (BS)
Business Management (BS)
Communication (BS)
Computer and Network Security (BS)
Computer Science (BS)
Human Resource Management (BS)
Information Systems Management (BS)
Marketing (BS)
Organizational Management (BS)

How to get your tuition paid for by Chipotle.

First, you must be an employee of Chipotle for at least 120 days. I have to say I was shocked when I read this. I love that you don’t have to work there for a long time to receive help.

Second, you must work at least 15 hours a week. Again, color me shocked. No need to work for 40 hours to have the company give you a hand up.

Why is Chipotle paying for education?

Because they’re smart. They know that they are investing in their own future because, while it’s not a requirement, plenty of the folks who get their degree this way will remain loyal to the company. They’ll have the skills Chipotle needs to move toward the future.

They also did their own homework. Employees who take advantage of these types of tuition programs show there is a 90% higher retention rate.

What do you think about this?

Might you consider working for Chipotle a few hours a week to earn a degree? Have older kids who are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives? Talk to them about this as a real option. It’s amazing. Hats off to you, Chipotle. 

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