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Christmas North Pole Pancakes for Breakfast

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Christmas North Pole Pancakes for Breakfast

We created these fun North Pole Pancakes & my boys loved them! I am sure the Nutella & whipped cream had a little do to with that as well!:) Super easy to make & a fun Christmas breakfast that the kids can also help make themselves.

North Pole Pancakes

Pancake Mix
1 Banana
2 Strawberries
Whipped Cream Spray

Start out by making a large half of a round pancake in a pan over low heat. Make another smaller pancake. Place the large pancake on the bottom of a plate. You can cut to fit using kitchen scissors. Cut the fruit in half then in slices & rotate them for the pole. Cut the smaller pancake into a small rectangle. Put a spoon full of Nutella in a baggie & snip off the corner. Squeeze on the words North Pole on the rectangle pancake on top. Top the large pancake with whipped cream & the smaller pancake around the edges with whipped cream spray.

That’s it!

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Breakfast is always the best meal of the day! So fun!

dang your ideas are simply mind-boggling awesome! 🙂


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