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Cinco de Mayo Cookie Pops

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Cinco de Mayo is one of our favorite times of year to create fun food ideas. We love to celebrate Cinco de Mayo & came up with these fun Cookie Pops the other day using vanilla wafers….SO easy to make & the kids will love them!

Cinco de Mayo Cookie Pops

Vanilla Wafers
Marshmallow Bits
Chocolate & White Cookie Icing
Black & Red Edible Marker
Lemon Tootsie Rolls
Red Sprinkles
Red Twizzler Strings
Lollipop Sticks & Decorative Straws (optional)

Start out by cutting a marshmallow in half & then push a lollipop stick in the bottom. Squeeze chocolate icing on both sides. Place the marshmallow on a vanilla wafer cookie & place another cookie on top. Let that set for about 5 minutes. We cut a marshmallow bit in half & then added a dot in the middle using edible marker for the pupils. We also used little pieces of cookie to make the nose. Attach using the white icing. We used black edible marker for the mustache & red for the mouth.

Sombrero Cookies…

Put a lemon Tootsie Roll in the microwave for 8 seconds to soften. Cut off the end & shape for the top. Take the other pieces & roll it into a long strip. You will then attach the strip around the outside edges using the white icing. We cut off a piece from a Twizzler string & secured with icing around the bottom of the sombrero Tootsie Roll point.

Place the Cooke Pops in either a glass to stand up straight or styrofoam. We cut the tips from the top of the cookies for a flat edge. Add icing to the top & then place on the sombrero cookie. We also added sprinkles around the edges. It’s easier to put the icing on a toothpick for the sprinkles to use just a small amount. Let it dry for a few minutes & that’s it!

Here is a side view….

My 3 year old was SO excited to get his Cinco de Mayo Cookie Pop!

This is what I go through trying to take pictures of my 3 little wacky amigos…at least they were having fun!

These will take you about 15 minutes to make & such a fun treat to make the kids to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

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  1. oh my gosh! these cookie pops are SO cute! and your boys sure have grown since i last saw them-i mean look at those mustaches! hehe they make me giggle :>D

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  3. The pops are so cute and the boys and their mustaches are even cuter:)