A Cinco de Mayo Lunch

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We made this sombrero and maracas lunch today since Cinco De Mayo is this week. We used bread, peanut butter, jelly, 4 grapes, 1 apple, and 1 banana.

We cut 2 pieces of bread into a circle using kitchen scissors. We put our peanut butter and jelly in between. We cut our apple in half and then cut that in four parts. We cut two of those parts into a circles for the maracas. Use the scraps to made a zig zag band for the hat. Cut the end off of a banana and put it in the middle…it will stick. Use the other end and slice in half long ways. Cut out a handle shape for the maracas. Thinly slice a few grapes and stick them on the edges of the sombrero. Use the other grape and cut it into strips for the zig zag strip on the maracas.

We used what we had, but there are so many things you could use for this!

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