Classic Monster Cracker Snacks

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Classic Monster Cracker Snacks

I am sharing a fun and healthy Halloween snack over at Kellogg’s site!

These spooky Monster Crackers are a Halloween hit, not only because they are great for Halloween parties, but because I can include my kids on the cracker-making fun! This Halloween recipe is great because kids can show some of their creativity in the kitchen, and it is also a good way to get the kids to eat some new fruits. Whether you try the Frankenstein crackers, Mummy crackers, or the ghastly Dracula cracker, these silly Halloween snacks will bring a smile to your child’s face.

You can get full step by step instructions on how to make these spooky Classic Monster Cracker Snacks HERE!

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5 comments on “Classic Monster Cracker Snacks”

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  2. These are too cute! I don't even want to eat them, I just want to look at them LOL The children will flip out when they see these. Thanks for sharing xx

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