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The Cow Jumped Over the Egg

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The Cow Jumped Over the Egg Breakfast
We came up with this breakfast after reading Mother Goose stories one night. We used 2 pieces of toast, 1 egg, a few grapes,1 banana, white and strawberry cream cheese. We toasted the bread and cut out the cow body. We cut the head, utter, and a couple of legs out of the other piece of toast. We spread the white cream cheese on first and then the strawberry for the nose and utter. We beat 1 egg and spread it out in the pan. We cut it out in the shape of a moon. We cut up a few grapes for spots on the cow and the face on the moon. We used 1 banana and sliced it. We cut stars out of the slices. It turned out really cute!

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This is absolutely adorable!!! You really need to write a cookbook with all of your ideas!