Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

Cowboy Boot Burger…Yee Haw!

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We made Cowboy Boot Burgers and they are so easy to make! We used Kroger brand Dinner Rolls, Boca Veggie Burgers, & Provolone Cheese.

We cut the top off of the roll and used that for the bottom bun. We flipped the roll over to make it look like a cowboy hat. We cut a slice of provolone cheese to wrap around the hat. We cut a star out of a piece of American cheese or you could color with yellow edible marker. Place on the front of the hat. Cook any type of burger and let cool just a bit. Cut out a boot shape with kitchen scissors.

Such a easy dinner or lunch! Your little cowboys & cowgirls will love it!

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  1. So cute! Great idea for a fun burger.

  2. That is the cutest. Very imaginative. Thanks for sharing. Come and visit us. We have wonderful picnic foods on the menu.

  3. Adorable. We love burgers out here in the west. I hope you link up to Wild West Thursdays!

  4. Super cute! We just read a story called, "Are You a Horse?" so I had to click and see this burger! Thanks for sharing your creativity!!

  5. Those are so cute! Thanks for the idea!