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How to make a Crochet Heart Stitch

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These Crochet Heart Stitch patterns are Gorgeous and you will be so surprised at how easy this is to make. It’s made up of very simple stitches and you’ll be able to catch on quickly. We also show you beautiful crochet heart patterns below. You can get started on these easy crafts just in time for Valentine’s Day!

How to Crochet a Heart Stitch

How to make a Crochet Heart Stitch

The above left photo is a blanket made by Tejiendo Peru using the crochet heart stitch and we just love how hers turned out. Make sure to check out all of her other adorable creations!

This is a great video tutorial from Lanas y Ovillos that is so clear and simple for anyone to catch on. She walks you through step by step and shows you how to make a continuous line without fastening and easily changing out the colors…

We love this Blanket pattern from My Beautiful Stuff

Crochet Heart Stitch Blanket

Love this design as well from The Hat and I

Crochet Heart Blanket / Afghan

This Crochet Heart Hat is just too cute as well…

Crochet Heart Hat

Super cute Fingerless Gloves from Made with a Twist

Fingerless Crochet Heart Gloves



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I really like this creative idea. I believe that many parents will be interested to make such a hat for their children. I think that it will be cool to do with children, as this kind of activity is well develops creativity in children and motor skills of hands. Where do you get these great ideas? Do you really invent them yourself? It would be interesting to see on your site an article about how the process of creating your articles, how much time it takes, how long you think about your idea before you make your idea a reality. Thank you for sharing such an interesting and positive type of content!


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