Dad Built Jeep Bed For Daughter

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Everyone seems to love Jeeps and dream of having their own; I know I sure do! The way they are designed just makes them so unique and desirable. This dad built a Jeep bed for his daughter, and it looks incredible!

Pink Jeep Bed
Facebook / Thomas Passmore

Thomas Passmore

Thomas Passmore is the dad behind it all. He shared on Facebook the beautiful creation he made for his daughter Scarlet. He built a Jeep bed that actually looks like a real-life Jeep.

From the wheels to the lights, this dad truly built the car everyone dreams about, but as a bed! Doesn’t he deserve the best dad award for the year?

Pink Jeep Bed
Facebook / Thomas Passmore

Jeep Bed

Thomas Passmore built this jeep bed from scratch. It is entirely handmade by him. It has real tires and front lights that actually work and will illuminate the room.

He even put a purple under beam to make it that much more special. But it doesn’t stop there. The purple lights will actually flash to the beat of the music! How cool is that!

It has two doors on both sides of the bed, with a little black ladder to get up into the bed with.

Overall dimensions of the bed are approximately 6’10″L x 6’W x 4’9″H.

Want Your Own?

If seeing this bed makes you wish you had one for your child, don’t worry, you can!

Jeepbed from Etsy has a template you can download! It will be around $30 and is totally worth it!

This template is for a twin bed. It comes with 62 pages of step by step instructions, mainly filled with pictures to help you better understand exactly how to make it. Included in the guidelines are where to buy tires for the bed as well.

You can also save space and money by only having tires on one side of the bed.

Jeep Bed
Facebook / Thomas Passmore

The shop owner explains, “If you can cut plywood and 2×4’s you have the skills to make this bed. (recommended tools are mitre saw, circular saw, router, drill, scroll saw, sander… of course there a many ways to make the same cut 🙂 ). Another option would be to take the plans to a friend or local craftsman to build it for you.”

The dad who built this Jeep bed for his daughter gets a standing ovation from us. Is this your next quarantine project now too?

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