Dear Class of 2020, We Understand

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Dear Class of 2020,

This is not how your senior year was supposed to go. You were supposed to go to prom with your high school sweetheart and have the time of your life.

You were supposed to feel accomplished as you are recognized at your senior night for drama or a sporting event.

And let’s not forget about your senior trip that you already paid for. This was not how it was supposed to happen.

Dear Class of 2020

Sadly, it is

Sadly, this is how things are now. This is the reality you are facing. Missing out on all these amazing adventures you dream about for the past four years.

COVID-19 has robbed you of these experiences.

Now, what are you supposed to do? You have to go into adulthood all the while not fully prepared for what is about to happen, Your whole life has changed suddenly.

Your Journey

You came into this world right around 9/11. You were born into a time of sorrow and stress. Things would never be the same. Then, soon after, you started kindergarten and the next twelve years of your life.

Fast forward a couple of years and you begin high school as a freshman. You are so excited to almost be done. You look at all the seniors for three years and see the excitement of them walking across the stage at graduation to receive their diplomas. You experience their last day and cannot wait for your own.

And now, all that is taken from you. You may never make it back to the classroom, or have your family and teachers support you as you graduate. You will not get to walk across the stage with your friends if COVID-19 continues to get worse.

So, what do you do?

My Advice

Enjoy your freedom and childhood while you still can. Take a moment to stop and think. Make sure to truly feel everything that is in your hearts at this time. Feel the grief of what you are missing out on, how unfair this is for you.

Something was taken away from you. You need to fully feel those emotions to embrace it and be able to move on.

After that, take a step forward. Do not forget the path you are on. Keep moving forward despite this hurtful stepback.

You can still fulfill your purpose and what you set out to do.

Your Time is Now

You were prepared for this time. It is your time to shine. While there will be setbacks due to COVID-19, you will rise from them all.

The world needs you and all you have to offer.

So don’t give up. Continue on the path you previously planned.

We are all here to support you. We know how hard this time is for you. We feel your pain and grief. But, together we will get through this and so much more.

You are strong seniors, don’t forget that.

Dear class of 2020, we love you.

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3 comments on “Dear Class of 2020, We Understand”

  1. I understand we have the little lest problem in the world right now but I’m so done! How do we enjoy this time of we are stuck at home? How do I enjoy the end of my childhood when I am not allowed to do anything? Prom canceled, senior trip canceled, my last season as an athlete canceled. My last senior night canceled. Graduation already canceled. I will revive my diploma in an envelope that fedex drops off.  I can’t have game nights with friends, watch countless movies as we laugh about inside jokes. This is supposed to be a good time to look back on later in life some call it the time of our lives. I am going to college on the other side of true country so this is the last time have have to spend time with some of my closest friends in person. I have grown up through years of trial and tribulation waiting to walk across the stage to graduate. I have watched some friends do it before me. My parents loved to talk about how good it feels to walk across the stage in cap and gown when I was growing up. All of this feels like a bad plot to a movie – build up with lots of emotion, but no big finale that makes you satisfied. I am stuck at home doing class work assignments that don’t even count for a grade. I’m stuck at home going stir crazy wondering what could have been. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve cried myself to sleep. I can’t tell you how many emotional and mental  breakdowns I’ve had through my four years. But the one thing that got me through was thinking about this part of my senior year. Our last year of freedom from adult burdens and it’s over before it started.
    From – a disappointed and emotionally devastated Senior  

  2. Emily Freeman

    It’s not fair, we got to watch all the other seniors finish their senior years excited for ours now it was ripped from under us, we never get to have senior prom or grad bash, some of us may not even have a graduation, something we have been waiting our whole life for, the day that was finally suppose to be about us, the day we officially started adult hood it’s not fair! We deserve a chance too!

  3. I been thinking about the same thing when I heard that school may not resume until next year I immediately thought of Megan and how hard it was going to be on all the grads this year of how unfair it was to them. I think about how special this times were for myself and my children and it just breaks my heart to know my first grand child is going to be deprived if all of that because of some damn virus I then have to turn and refect st the same time if how thankful we should all be to have them all still with us at least and how even though they can never have this special time made up to them becuz even if we could it still just wouldn’t be the same but we have to refect on the fact that they are still here and heslthy and have a future to look forward too and thank God for at least that much becuz it could be a lot eorse they could not be with us at all. So praise the Lord for the blessing that we are all still here together as a family with a future to still look forward too together. I love you Megan and would give my life even for you to not have to miss out on all these special times in your life but instead I’m looking forward to how proud you will make us as you do great things in your future. Love you always & bunches! From Grandma Judy!

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