Dinosaurs Show is Coming to Disney+ This Fall

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Do you remember the show Dinosaurs? If so, prepare to get excited because Dinosaurs is coming back and will be on Disney+ this fall!!


Dinosaurs Show

This show came out on ABC in the 1990s and was created by the Jim Henson company. It was this super cool muppet type show. It had 4 seasons with a total of 65 episodes.

Mr. Henson, the creator, passed in 1990; this show was created right before his passing.

It was about a family of dinosaurs, the Sinclair family, who lived in the modern world. They had tv’s electricity, and of course humans as pets. It is such a cute show, it was everyone’s favorite during this time period!

Available on Disney+ This Fall

While there is not a set date, it was confirmed that the show Dinosaurs will be on Disney+ this fall!


Ryan Reynolds was the one to confirm that this show was coming to Disney+. He recently produced his own show called, “Don’t” and is the announcer of the show.

It was confirmed that “During the airing of ABC’s brand new game show, “Don’t”, Ryan Reynolds, who is producing and also acting as the announcer for the show, said that Dinosaurs would be coming to Disney+ in the Fall.”

This show used to be available on Hulu but was taken down. While you are able to watch this show through purchasing it off of Amazon, you can now simply wait until the fall to enjoy it for free on Disney+!


The Dinosaurs show was one of the top things people want to see come available on Disney+, so here they are making our dreams come true. Make sure to keep checking your account to see the exact release date!

What a wonderful opportunity to share something of your childhood with your own children. It will be a great bonding experience for you both!

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