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Dr Pepper’s Newest Flavor is Icing on the Cake

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Have you heard that Dr. Pepper has come out with a new flavor? And this isn’t a hit or miss type of flavor. People are begging for this flavor to stay. What is the new Dr. Pepper Flavor? Birthday Cake!

What is the New Dr. Pepper Flavor?

Who’s ready to party? Grab the new Dr. Pepper flavor, Birthday Cake, and see what you have been missing? Recently, Dr Pepper sent this new flavor to some of their very special ambassador to get the word out. Once people had the chance to try the soda that is being dubbed the “Icing on the cake” no one wants it to leave.

How to Get Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper

Dr. Pepper Birthday Cake has been around for some time but you might not have seen it in stores. That is because the only way to get this special edition Dr Pepper soda is to be part of the Pepper Pack. To be a part of the “Pepper Pack” you have to get invited into the program and the only way to get an invite is to use the brand’s hashtags on social media or to apply at Being a part of the Pepper Pack also gets you special discounts, coupons and gift certificates.


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Receive Your Birthday Cake From Dr. Pepper

The Birthday Cake Dr. Pepper comes in the mail with this letter:


Since you’re a die-hard Dr. Pepper fan, your birth month is, well, kind of a big deal to us. So to celebrate, we’ve created a limited-edition Birthday Cake-flavored Dr. Pepper and some exclusive party supplies to help commemorate your existence. Don’t drink it all in one place. Or do. It is YOUR birthday, after all.

Happy Birthday,

The Dr. Pepper Team.”

What Does It Taste Like?

Who knows. No one who has posted about the flavor or what it tastes like. And since I am not apart of the Pepper Club, I haven’t had it sent to me. But it does sound amazing and I would love to try it.



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