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Duck Dynasty Willie Pancakes for Breakfast

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Duck Dynasty Willie Pancakes for Breakfast

My boys are huge fans of Duck Dynasty so we just had to make Willie into pancakes of course!:) They wanted to make the entire family, but this is what we had time for. We had so much fun making this even though my husband thinks that we have now gone crazy!ha My boys loved this & I am sure we will be making the other family members very soon!

Willie Pancakes

Pancake Recipe or Mix
Hershey’s Cocoa
Hershey’s Chocolate Spread
Whipped Cream Spray
1 Strawberry
1 Marshmallow
2 Chocolate Chips

Start out by making a large pancake in a pan over low heat with your pancake mix. Place it on a plate. You can clean up the edges using kitchen scissors. Make another medium sized pancake. You will use this one to cut out the nose, eye lids, & mouth. Mix a bit of cocoa in the pancake mix & make a large chocolate pancake. We cut this up into pieces to make the hair & beard. We covered up the edges of the chocolate pancake pieces using Hershey’s chocolate spread. Spoon the spread into a baggie & snip off the corner. Squeeze on lines over the chocolate pancakes pieces. We made the bandanna out of blueberries, whipped cream spray & 1 strawberry. For the eyes…but the ends off of a marshmallow & shape using the kitchen scissors. Place a chocolate chip on top.

There you go & now you have a Willie Breakfast!:)

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Oh my word! That, is hilarious! I hope you send that to his facebook page or something! Can't wait to see the rest of the family!

I've not seen the show, but have seen his picture on everything from t-shirts to, well, pancakes!!! Amazing!

We LOVE DD – this is hilarious!!! Good job – you are SuperMom for doing that! 🙂

Hahaha!! This is so funny. Thank you for sharing! Gave me a good laugh today. 🙂


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