Easter Bunny Reese’s Eggs

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We made these fun Easter Bunny Reese’s Eggs Pops and they are so easy to make! Our favorite Easter candy is the Reese’s eggs so my boys absolutely loved these pops!

Bunny Reese's Pops

Easter Bunny Reese’s Eggs Pops

We love making Easter bunny pops and we have made a lot of them! These are super simple using just a few ingredients. You can also leave the lollipop sticks off and just have these on a plate.

What You’ll Need

Reese's eggs
Bunny Reese's Pops

How to Make the Easter Bunny Face Pop

Start out by poking a hole on the bottom side of the Reese’s Egg using a knife. Then melt some of the white Candiquik. Cut a marshmallow square in half using kitchen scissors. Then cut those halves in another half (save for the bunny feet). Now you can round off the edges using the scissors to make the ears. Attach the ears on the top using the chocolate. Do the same with the eyes, jelly bean nose, and marshmallow bit that we also cut in half. We added chocolate cookie frosting to make the face details.

How To Make The Bunny Butt Pop

Shape around the edges of your square marshmallow halves and attach on the bottom using the melted chocolate. Attach pink sprinkles on top. We added a marshmallow on the back for the tail. SO easy!

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3 comments on “Easter Bunny Reese’s Eggs”

  1. My three year old is also in a spica cast for a broken femur. It has been 8 weeks and the cast comes off on Monday. Now that the bone is healing well, he is crawling/rolling around and manages to keep active. The first couple of weeks were the hardest, but now we have found a routine that works for us. Hang in there!

  2. Lisa@hooplapalooza

    oh i just love these so much Jill! your treats always cheer me up too 🙂 glad your son's hanging in there!

  3. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    I came home with packages of Reese's Eggs just yesterday with thoughts of making bunnies. Your's are absolutely perfect, so I'll share your idea with my readers instead! I have a few more ideas to try out, and am inspired by how adorable your rabbits turned out. I love 'em!