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Easy Christmas Goodies

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Easy Christmas Goodies
We have been baking like crazy the last couple of days and needed a couple of super easy goodies to throw in the mix for kids. We made these cute little treats and wanted to share them with you. We just used what we had. They are so easy to make!

We made these Snowmen with pre made chocolate covered oreos. We attached regular and mini chocolate chips on the face with cookie frosting. We used orange cookie frosting for the nose. We broke a regular oreo in half and scraped off the cream. Cut one in half and cut the other one in a square with a knife. Attach it on the top with chocolate cookie frosting.
Easy Christmas Goodies
We took a easy short cut with these gift goodies and bought pre made rice krispie treats with holiday colors. We just tied red and green Twizzler pull a part strips around them and tied a bow on top.
Easy Christmas Goodies
Just a couple of last minute ideas!

This is just some of our Christmas goodies that we baked to give out. Lots of work, but lots of fun!!
Easy Christmas Goodies

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love the snowman!!! And wow, you were a busy lady with all that baking, I'm impressed.. I'm not very good at baking. So I admire those who do it well 🙂



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