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Easy Christmas Treats – Reindeer, Penguin, & Polar Bear Donuts!

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We created these adorable Reindeer, Penguin, & Polar Bear Donuts for my sons 4th grade Christmas class party at school. We wanted to come up with a simple idea since we had to make so many of them. These Easy Christmas Treats were the perfect choice. This was for a breakfast so the donuts were a big hit and the kids just loved them!

Easy Christmas Polar Bear, Penguin, & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Mini Donuts from

Kids love mini snack donuts & they are so fun to decorate. My boys helped create these all by themselves. These fun donuts are such a fun treat for the kids to decorate for Christmas without all of the mess.

Easy Christmas Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Mini Donuts from

Easy Reindeer Donuts

Plain Mini Donuts
Mini Pretzel Twists
Maraschino Cherries
Candy Eyes
White Cookie Icing


Break your pretzel twists in half to look like antlers…

DSC_0332 (800x654)

Place the candy eyes above the hole of the donut. Drain the maraschino cherries & dry them off with a paper towel. Place the cherries on the holes of the donuts (secure with icing if needed)….

DSC_0333 (800x677)

Press in the pretzel twist halves in the top sides….

DSC_0340 (800x692)

My 9 year old made a ton of these very quickly & they turned out so cute!

Easy Christmas Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Mini Donuts from

The kids really loved these Penguin Donuts (the chocolate might have had something to do with it)…

Easy Christmas Penguin Mini Donuts from

Easy Penguin Donuts

Chocolate Mini Donuts
Large Marshmallows
Candy Eyes
Chocolate Cookie Icing
Orange Sprinkles
Chocolate Chips


Cut the tips off of the large marshmallow using kitchen scissors…

DSC_0316 (800x650)

Break the chocolate chips in half & cut around the edges using your kitchen scissors (they are sturdy & will not crumble)…

DSC_0312 (800x496)

Place your marshmallow on top of the hole. Add your edible eyes & sprinkle for the beak using the icing…

DSC_0319 (800x741)

Press the orange sprinkles on the bottom for the feet….

DSC_0325 (800x536)

Then add your chocolate chips halves on the sides for the wings attaching with your icing.

Easy Christmas Penguin Mini Donuts from

These cute Christmas treats are almost too cute to eat!!

Easy Christmas Penguin Mini Donuts from

Here are some supplies that you will need to make these fun donuts (afflilate link)…

These Polar Bear Donuts are so fun & simple. These would also be cute to make for a Winter themed party!

Easy Christmas Polar Bear Mini Donuts from

Easy Polar Bear Donuts

Powdered Mini Donuts
Large Marshmallows
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Eyes
Jumbo Chocolate Chips
White Cookie Icing


Cut the large marshmallow in half using kitchen scissors….

DSC_0346 (800x536)

Attach the candy eyes, marshmallow half, & jumbo chocolate chip for the face using your white icing…

DSC_0354 (800x536)

Add icing to the sides of the mini marshmallows & attach them on the top sides for the ears…

DSC_0356 (800x611)

Your kids will have so much fun making (and eating) these fun Polar Bear treats!!

Easy Christmas Polar Bear Mini Donuts from

This is also another fun idea for a Winter or Christmas party!

Easy Christmas Polar Bear Mini Donuts from

Here are fun Chistmas Treats ready to head out to the kids for their Christmas class party at school!

Easy Christmas Donuts for Kids!

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