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Easy Mother’s Day Sun Flower Oreo Cake

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Easy Mother's Day Sun Flower Oreo Cake

We came up with these super easy to make Sunflower Cake for Mother’s Day! The kids can make this all by themselves & even dad can handle this one!:) I know there are a lot of dad’s out there that like to cook & bake, but the dad’s that I know do not like to step foot in the kitchen. Us mom’s like to get homemade goodies as well & this is the perfect kind of cake for the kids to make because it takes just minutes to make. You can even buy a premade cake & decorate it this way to make it even easier! The kids will have so much fun making this & I bet grandma would enjoy this as well.

I wish we could give this fun cake to my Mom who is the best Mother in the world! We will just have to go ahead & eat this cake in her honor!:)

Easy Mother’s Day Sun Flower Oreo Cake

Cake Mix (we like Pillsbury)
White Frosting
Blue Food Coloring
Spring Oreo Cookies
Sweetworks Pearl Candies
Sour Punch Straws

Bake your cake mix according to directions in 2 round cake pans. Tint your frosting light blue using food coloring. Frost the cooled cake. Pull off the top cookie from 6 Oreo’s. Place 1 Oreo in the middle of the cake & place the Oreo’s with the yellow cream showing around the middle cookie. Cut off a Sour Punch straw to look like a stem on the bottom. Have the kids spell out Mom on top using the pearl candies using whatever color they like.

That’s it…SO easy!

Easy Mother's Day Sun Flower Oreo Cake

Here is the Oreo Sun Flower by itself & you can make this fun Spring cake for any occasion!

Here is the Oreo Sun Flower by itself & you can make this fun Spring cake for any occasion!

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This is so cute! My kids would probably fight over the Oreo, but I might share! 🙂

Hi Jill- You are killing me! Ha! Your creativity blows me away! Would love for you to link this up to Friday Favorites that goes live tomorrow night! I love the Oreo sunflower! Maybe I will just put those on a plate, open face up, and call it good! love, love , love your blog!

Dropping by from your linky party. I pinned this one. I just love it. You are so creative. You always come up with fresh ideas:) Have a great weekend.


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