Frog Oreos
Serves: 18
  • 1 package of double stuffed Oreos
  • 1 bag of Green candy melts
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 container of small edible eyes
  • 1 container of wilton confetti sprinkles quins, green ones only
  • 1 container of wilton confetti sprinkles hearts, reds only
  • 36 mini pretzel twist
  • 1 cookie sheet fitted with parchment paper
  1. Using a double boiler, melt the green candy melts
  2. Once the candy melts is fully melted and smooth, add in the coconut oil and mix until combined and smooth
  3. Carefully place the oreo into the candy melt
  4. Using a fork, flip over the oreo so that its completely coated
  5. Carefully pick it up with the fork and lightly tap the edge of the pot to get excess candy melt off the oreos
  6. Place oreo onto the cookie sheet
  7. Repeat step with remaining oreos
  8. Carefully and slowly, place the eyes, standing up towards the front on the top part of the oreo
  9. Slowly place a red heart into the crease of the oreo for his tongue
  10. Place a few green confetti sprinkles around the top for the spots on a frog.
  11. Repeat steps with remaining oreos
  12. Place oreos aside to allow the chocolate to harden for an hour
  13. Once oreos are hard, remelt the chocolate
  14. Once chocolate is melted, dip the pretzel, two at a time, into the chocolate
  15. Pick up pretzels using a fork, and lightly tap the edge of the pot to get the excess chocolate off
  16. Place onto the cookie sheet, with the bottoms touching each other
  17. Place the top oreo on top of the freshly dipped pretzels
  18. Let chocolate harden before picking up the whole "frog"
Recipe by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons at