Blackberry Mojito
  • Blackberry Juice
  • 1 pint blackberries
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp. sugar
  • 6 whole mint leaves
  • Juice from half a lime
  • 2 oz rum
  • 2 oz blackberry juice
  • Sliced Lime wheels
  • soda water
  1. In a blender, add the blackberries, sugar and water.
  2. Blend on medium until pureed.
  3. Strain the blackberry mixture thru a mesh sieve.
  4. Discard all the seeds.
  5. In a glass, add the mint leaves, juice from the lime, and a splash of the soda water.
  6. Muddle the mint and lime together.
  7. Add your lime wheels into the glass
  8. Top the glass with ice.
  9. Add the rum, blackberry juice.
  10. Lightly stir
  11. Top with soda water.
  12. Stir to combine.
  13. Garnish with lime wedge, mint sprig and blackberries.
Recipe by Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons at