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Edible Potty Rice Krispies Treats for a Potty Party including a FREE Printable!

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Yes…I know. Some of you are thinking why in the world would you celebrate the potty? Well…I will tell you why! We have had the biggest battle with potty training with my youngest. He is very hard headed as my other boys were, but was even more difficult to potty train. I wasn’t worried about it one bit even when he turned 3 until he was 3 1/2. Then I started to get a little worried.

I have tried just about every method of getting my boys to use the potty & none of them worked. You will get so many people telling you what works, but no one has the answer to potty training. You will find what works for you & trust me…it’s most likely not going to be like what worked for anyone else.

The deal is..this is the one thing that your toddlers have complete control of & it will drive you nuts…at least that was the case with me! Potty training is the most frustrating thing to go through when raising a toddler…especially boys. All 3 of my boys refused to go no matter how many games or treats they got. It didn’t matter if they peed or pooped all over the place or had to sit it in for awhile…they just didn’t care! I know lots of others that have this same problem & you feel like it’s just never going to happen!

My older boys were 2 (almost 3) when they were trained, but 3 1/2 seemed crazy for me to still be changing diapers. As a joke we made him a Potty Fruit Snack at 3 1/2. He thought that was the funniest thing & started going to the potty that same afternoon. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even thinking about posting it on our blog because it was kind of a joke, but it ended up being one of our most popular creations! We thought wow…this is it…he is finally getting it! Then the femur break happened. He fell at a playground & broke his left femur bone. It was a spiral fracture..the worst & most painful. We went through 6 awful weeks with him being a Spica body cast. This really set us back with potty training. Now he had to go in a diaper again…how confusing for him!

We thought well…we will just get him back on track when he gets the cast off. Not the case! He had to learn how to walk again & the potty training just got put on hold. The last thing I wanted to stress him out about was using the potty. I just kept telling him to let me know when he was ready & I would help him. He saw a commercial for a kite that he wanted on TV & said Mommy…if I use the potty can I get that kite? I said…absolutely! At this point he could have asked for a new car & I would say YES! So…we got him the kite…put him in underwear & he hasn’t had a accident since. Not even at night! He will be 4 at the end of August & we are so proud of him for all he has been through.

Now you can understand why we are celebrating potty training! There are so many toddlers (and parents) that battle with this & mastering the potty calls for a Potty Party!!:) We show you how to make a super easy potty treat to celebrate without having to make a cake. Just something simple & fun to make them feel proud. Plus, kids love talking about the potty….especially a room full of little boys!

Potty Treats

2 Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats
White Frosting
Blue Food Coloring
1 Chocolate Jimmy Sprinkle

Start out by cutting one of your Rice Krispies Treats in half then press them together. Then cut a thin piece from the top like this….

Press around the edges into the shape of a toilet & then press up against the other Rice Krispies Treat. Take that thin piece that you cut off & press it on top. It should look like this…

Frost the outside with white frosting or white chocolate…

We added a jimmy sprinkle on the side for a handle…

We also tinted a little bit of white frosting with blue food coloring for the water…

My 3 year old was so excited to get his Potty Treat!:)

We also made a No More Diapers sign that he thought was pretty funny!

No More Diapers Printable...Just save, print, cut out, & tape to a tooth pick!

Here is his reaction when we gave him his potty treat. His big brothers were singing Happy Potty Day to you….we made this for you….you have mastered the potty…and we’re so proud of you!ha

We then purchased him this super hero undie set & he turned into Super Potty Boy!

Not your typical type of party, but he sure did love this & felt so proud! It’s been a battle, but just know that if you are having trouble with potty training your toddlers…it WILL happen at some point so don’t stress about it!

Here is our Banana Potty Snack we created awhile back and yes…the mini chocolate chips were my boys idea!ha

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  1. You did such a good job on the potty treat! Who knew a toilet could be so cute?!? Congrats to your "baby"; he's a cutie!

  2. hi jill, as a mother of three boys (now ages 19 – 24) I can so relate!! :0)
    congrats! so glad to see your little one out of that cast! LOVE the super potty boy..
    talking about little boys and pottys- surely your boys have read all the captain underpants books??
    enjoy your kiddos…
    jodi from atlanta

  3. Aaaah this is so clever! My 2-year old is showing signs of wanting to potty train, this is such a cute little celebration treat. The handle is so clever, especially- love it all. Thanks for the cute idea!! And congrats to your lil man! Yeah!