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Eerie Eyeball Biscuit Pizza’s & my visit to the Pillsbury Test Kitchens…Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!

We wanted to share these Eerie Eyeball Biscuit Pizza’s with you on this spooky Halloween day! These Eerie Eyeballs would be a fun & easy dinner to make the kids tonight for Halloween before they go out trick or treating! I sent these in with my boys to school today for lunch & I am sure they will love them. I first created these creepy eyeball pizza’s during my recent visit to the Pillsbury test kitchens.

Eerie Eyeball Biscuit Pizza’s

Pillsbury Grands Biscuit Dough
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
Roasted Red Peppers

Flatten out the biscuits using your fingers then stretch a bit pulling around the edges until the dough is flattened out a big. Spread a light layer of pesto on to. Then add strips of mozzarella on top. Add some pesto in the middle & top with a black olive cut in half. Cut thin strips from the roasted red peppers & add them on top to look like veins.

Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes.

Note…we added strips of chicken sauteed in balsamic vinegar under the cheese when we created this in the Pillsbury test kitchen. However, my boys did not want chicken when we recreated this yesterday. I would definitely try this out with the chicken because it’s SO good!

Now onto my visit to Pillsbury!

I had the privilege of flying out to Minneapolis to tour the General Mills headquarters & it was such a awesome experience! There were 9 of us bloggers, including Crazy for Crust, Oh Sweet Basil, Amanda’s Cookin, Busy Mommy, From the Kitchen of Mama Harris, Rachel Ferrucci & Sensibly Sara.

It was so fun to meet the other bloggers & we were treated so well by the Pillsbury & General Mills staff. I knew that the GM headquarters would be big, but was still amazed at how big it really is!
We were grouped up & instructed to make something using 5 ingredients in the Pillsbury test kitchen.
Here we all are getting our instructions…

Our ingredients…

I was the only fun food blogger there & my partners Rachel Ferrucci & Sensibly Sara seemed a little reluctant at first when I mentioned making a eyeball for Halloween, but they were so kind to agree. We wanted to make something different that would stand out & I think these did the trick!

Here is my team before we got started…

Here we are making our creations…

The recipes from the other bloggers were fantastic as well & everyone did such a awesome job! I almost felt like I was on the Food Network show Chopped…without the pressure of a time limit.

Here are the Eyeball Biscuit Pizza’s before we baked them…

Here is our finished creation…

We all got to try each others creations along with other employees of General Mills…

Here I am with Rachel presenting our Eyeball Pizzas!:)

Check out this giant map made out of General Mills cereal…love this!

We learned a lot from the experts in the Pillsbury test kitchens & about General Mills as a company.
I was mostly amazed by the amount of props that we got a chance to look at. I could spend a full day just touring the warehouses of props..unbelievable!

I loved the fun fruit pictures that were on the walls of some of the hallways…so cute!

I was extra excited to meet Dorothy from Crazy for Crust…she’s amazing just like all of the goodies on her blog!

I had such a great time, but was so happy to get home to my 3 little boys. I didn’t come home empty handed & had to bring them home a Pillsbury Dough Boy!:)

Thanks to Pillsbury & General Mills for showing all of us bloggers such a great time!

You can view all of our other Halloween fun food creations HERE!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time at the General Mills headquarters. Congrats on getting to go visit. Love the creepy eyeballs and I'm sure you were thrilled that the people at GM loved them too!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  2. What a great opportunity! I love the eyeball pizza. My son would too.

  3. Was so great to meet you, had a wonderful time. Those pizzas were fantastic!