Eerie Eyeball Breakfast

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Eerie Eyeball Breakfast

We made this Eerie Eyeball Breakfast a couple of weeks ago. Kids will love this fun and easy to make eggs & pancakes staring at them for breakfast!

Eerie Eyeball Breakfast

2 Eggs (we like Eggland’s Best)
Pancake Mix
Whipped Cream Spray (we like Reddi-Wip)
1 Strawberry
2 Dark Grapes
4 Green Grapes

Start out by making 2 regular size pancakes using the pancake mix. Place them on a plate. Cut some slices from a strawberry and set aside. Cut the green and dark grapes in half and set aside. Make 2 eggs in a pan on low heat sunny side up. Place them on the place. Decorate the pancakes by placing a dark grape in the middle. Place 4 green grapes around the dark grape. Spray on whipped cream spray around the green grapes. Place the strawberry slices to look like veins. Squeeze a little ketchup on the eggs. Place a dark grape on the eggs for the pupil. Our grape halves slid to the side of the yolks, but that just made them look even creepier!Here are some similar Eerie Eyeball Bagels that we made for Thomas Bagels & Laughing Cow Cheese!

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