E.T. Phone Pancakes

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E.T. Phone Pancakes

My boys recently watched the movie E.T. and loved it! They really wanted E.T. made out of food so we came up with this breakfast. We made this E.T. Breakfast using pancake mix, 1 strawberry, 1 dark grape, whipped cream, and nutella.

This is actually easy to make. I am pretty sloppy with pancakes…really! I just poor out the mix onto the pan and try to shape out a blob of something close enough for me to clean up around the edges with kitchen scissors.

We shaped the head, arms, neck, nose, etc.. in the pan with our pancake mix. We cut around the edges to shape and used the scraps for the details. My 12 month old also loves the scraps!:) We put a little Nutella in a squeeze bottle (you could use a baggie and snip off the corner) and added the mouth and nose (you could also use mini chocolate chips or raisins for this as well). Cut the end off of a strawberry for the tip of his finger. We sprayed on whipped cream for the eyes and cut 1 dark grape in half for his pupils.

There are so many things you could use…just go with what you have and your little E.T. fan will love this breakfast!!

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