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Father’s Day Fruit Snack

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Father's Day Fruit Snack

Father’s Day is coming up & we came up with this fun Father’s Day Fruit Snack idea that the kids can decorate for dad all by themselves! This is so easy to make & they will have so much fun making it. We are sure that dad will also appreciate the kids giving him a healthy snack!:)

Father’s Day Fruit Snack

1 Apple
Peanut Butter
1 Strawberry
1 Mini Marshmallow

Cut the front off of a apple using a knife. Cut a mini marshmallow in half & press them on the front to look like eyes. Cut a raisin in half to look like pupils. Cut a piece from a strawberry to look like a mouth & cut pieces from the cut off apple to make the ears & nose. Spread peanut butter on top & then press on raisins for the hair….

Father's Day Fruit Snack

Give dad a mustache by cutting a raisin in half & pressing on the front…

Give dad a mustache by cutting a raisin in half & pressing on the front

How about a goatee…

How about a goatee

Another kind of mustache…

Another kind of mustache

Here is the top view…

Here is the top view

Have the kids create whatever their dad looks like. You could also use strawberries for red hair, cheese for yellow hair, beards, etc…. endless Father’s Day fruit fun!:)

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Celebrate father's day by giving fruit snack is great idea to make it memorable.

Haha! This cracks me up! My son would LOVE this!


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