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A Colorful Wedding Dress Business Begins After “Fire” Wedding Dress Goes Viral

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How someone became a full time artist varies from artist to artist. The road for all artists is almost always the same. It is marked with moments of insecurities, struggles and the nagging worry of giving up. Taylor Ann Linko has wanted to become an artist since was in elementary school. She started by selling decorated fruit baskets. After trying many times, she has finally succeeded after making her own “fire” wedding dress.

Fire Wedding Dress

When Taylor was getting ready for her own wedding, she knew she wanted something different for the wedding dress. After wedding dress hunting at several stores, she found a beautiful “Savoy’s Bellezza” dress that she knew she wanted to customize to her own style. After practicing for almost a week, she finally decided to color test her own dress with her airbrushing technique. The dress came out perfectly and matched Taylor’s colorful personality and everyone loved it.

Months after her wedding, people started to talk about her wedding dress and her incredible talent. Suddenly, her Facebook and Instagram started going off like crazy. Her dress was featured in a UK gossip blog. Even though they had not given her credit, people started to find her.

Now Taylor has a thriving wedding dress business and the results are absolutely stunning.

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