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Free Dairy Queen Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone on March 19th

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FREE Dairy Queen Soft Serve Ice Cream!

With most of the country having experienced some sort of wild wintry weather over the last few weeks, the spring can’t come soon enough. And while we can’t promise the weather will be any less crappy when season officially changes on March 19, there’s at least one thing you can look forward to that day: FREE Dairy Queen Soft Serve Ice Cream!

Free Dairy Queen

photo courtesy of Dairy Queen

Who doesn’t love FREE ICE CREAM!!

On Thrusday, March 19th, head into a participating Dairy Queen where they will be celebrating the first day of spring by hosting their annual FREE Cone Day!

Just stop by Dairy Queen and ask for your free small vanilla cone – limit one per person, no purchase necessary.

The annual Free Cone Day is a fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals so consider making a donation while you’re there!

For those of you that do not like tradition ice cream, give these Marshmallow Ice Cream Cones a try..super cute!


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  1. No Diary Queen around here

  2. Will this be valid in Denton ? 

  3. Is this in the state of Georgia also

    • Hi Misty! I live in Georgia as well and our location does it. I believe most do, but check with your location just to make sure.

  4. What states are doing this because I love in Florida

  5. Why is chocolate never offered?

  6. Wished you had a sugar free variety of just ice cream. I know you have a sugar free dilly bar, but it would be nice to just have ice cream sometimes. Could diabetics get a free sugar free dilly bar on that day????

  7. Is this available in any state that dairy queen is in?

  8. Do you realise that in MARCH, we’re actually going in ti AUTUMN. This is AUSTRALIA .

  9. I’m at Dairy Queen every other day

  10. Is free cone day in William’s Lake bc on March 20th 2019

  11. Posts like this should say “u.s. residents only ” as this wasn’t valid in canada !

  12. Great! Thanks for sharing the knowledge and keep posting more.