Free Month of Educational Books and Shows for Kids on Amazon

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Now that thousands of kids worldwide are out of school thanks to the coronavirus, parents are struggling to keep their kids happy and not bored. That is why Amazon is now offering a free month of educational books and shows for your kids!

What better way to help keep your kids learning all the while having something to do during the day. Instead of playing video games and watching fictional movies, have them watch educational shows on Amazon.

Amazon free books for kids

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

Amazon FreeTime Unlimited gives you and your family access to thousands of educational resources for kids. Some of those include:

  • educational apps
  • kid-friendly shows
  • books
  • movies
  • educational games
  • premium Alexa skills
  • ad-free radio stations
  • playlists
  • audible books

Parents will have access to all the things their kids are doing and can change certain settings if needed. You can have a daily time limit and monitor web browsing content.


Normally, it is $2.99 per month per child if you have Amazon prime ($4.99 without prime); however, they offer the first month for free! You are able to cancel at any time and you will not be charged.

Right now they currently are offering another deal. From now until April 15, you are able to get a 3-month family plan for only $.99. Normally the family plan is $6.99 a month ($9.99 without prime), so that is saving you a ton of money!

That should hopefully get you through until the coronavirus is over and your kids are back in school.

Another incredible deal they are offering is a one year plan. You can get a one year plan of FreeTime Unlimited for $19.99. You’ll also get a year of the personalized education system Homer Reading for free along with the year plan!

On its own, a year’s worth of FreeTime Unlimited usually costs $84, so there is a ton of savings with this deal. You are able to get it only until March 31.

These are great deals and promotions to help your kids not get bored at home, all the while learning new things and working their brains daily.

Hurry and get these incredible deals before they expire! Then your kids will have all the educational books and shows they need, thanks to Amazon.

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