Froggy Lily Pad Pancake Breakfast

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Froggy Lily Pad Pancake Breakfast

We came up with this fun & simple Froggy Lily Pad Pancake Breakfast to get my 2 year old to try grapes. He has issues with eating fruit unless it’s a banana or apple sauce. This did work & he did eat a few pieces…that’s a great start! This fun breakfast also takes just minutes to make!

Froggy Lily Pad Pancake Breakfast

Pancake Mix
3 Green Grapes
2 Strawberries
2 Raisins
2 Mini Marshmallows

Make a few small oval pancakes with your pancake mix in a pan on low heat. Place them on a blue plate. Place 2 green grapes on top to make the frogs. We cut another grape to make the feet. We slices a strawberry all around the top to make a flower. We also cut a couple of pieces to make the tongue & mouth. We cut 2 mini marshmallows in half to make the eyes & placed them on top. We cut a couple of raisins in half for pupils & fly. Just press them on..they will stick. We cut 2 very small pieces of marshmallow for the fly wings. That’s it!

Ribbit Ribbit!!!

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