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Fruit Birthday Cake

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Fruit Birthday Cake

We made this fun Fruit Birthday Cake for my brother (who is super healthy & doesn’t do cake) this past weekend for his birthday. This was so easy to make & he loved it! This is a great cake to make for anyone with food allergies or someone that doesn’t eat any junk like my brother…wish I could say that for myself! 🙂

Fruit Birthday Cake

1 Watermelon
1 Cantaloupe
Green & Black Grapes
Colored Toothpicks
Decorative Straws
Card Stock Paper

All you do is cut off the sides & tops of the watermelon. Cut out stars from slices of cantaloupe. We put them on toothpicks on the top. Place grapes around the bottom & top using tooth picks on the top part. We made a banner on paper & cut it out. We attached it to a piece of green twine & tied it around 2 decorative straws.

Happy Birthday Brian!:)

Happy Birthday Brian!

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nice! pinning to my "healthy desserts" board!

Birthday party is alway fun and which is the memorable day forever.


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