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The Gingerbread Man Is Now a Gingerbread Person. Your Thoughts?

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Times are changing, as they always have. and always will. Now a co-op in London is asking their members to choose a new, gender-neutral name for their “gingerbread man.” They say it’s time to change the good old gingerbread man into a gingerbread person. What do you think about this?

Gingerbread Person - Gender Neutral

According to the Co-op website:

“Our Food team is adding the final touches to a new Co-op gingerbread person, but they’ve yet to come up with a name.

They’d like members to join in and suggest a fitting name for our new little biscuity friend.

The plan is to give our new gingerbread fellow some seasonal costume refreshes – a distinctively Christmassy look for December and something rather spooky around Halloween for example. So they’ll need a name that works for any time of year.

Join in to suggest a name. Our Food team will create a shortlist of the ones they think will best fit the bill and we’ll be back to ask you to vote for your favourite next month.”

PS: We actually know a little something about gingerbread. Among other delicious ginger treats on the blog, we have Gingerbread Man Oreos and Chewbacca Gingerbread Men. While you’re pondering what to call a cookie that neither looks make or female, you should make at least one of them. We’ll call it research.

What Does Gender-Neutral Mean?

Let me be clear. This post isn’t being written to correct anyone with respect to how they talk about the world around them. Whether you are careful to use gender-neutral pronouns and adjectives, or whether you believe it’s nonsense to worry so much about descriptors, it’s your right.

I’m not trying to convince you one way or the other. But, I do think it’s worth talking about. Talking about something makes it seem a little less foreign or hard to understand.

To that end, I think there might be a little bit of confusion about what the term “gender-neutral” actually means. Put simply, it means not referring to either sex but only to people in general. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Examples of Gender Neutrality In Real Life

Remember that at one time, police officers were exclusively called policemen. When we went shopping for a car, we didn’t meet with a salesperson. We haggled with a salesman.

Your mail carrier was a postman, and today’s firefighters were once strictly firemen.

Gender-neutral job titles are things like doctor, scientist, nurse, and astronaut. When little boys and girls hear those descriptors, the hope is neither of them will see those careers as off-limits to them because they weren’t born the “right” sex for the job.

Our language, the words we chose to describe ourselves and our world, came from a male-dominated society. History is really clear about that fact. But, are we taking our desire to change too far? Are we spending too much time focusing on whether a cookie is a man cookie or a woman cookie?

The Gender-Neutral Gingerbread Needs a Gender-Neutral Name

The Co-op is looking for a new name for the cookie that famously doesn’t have girl parts or boy parts. Whichever name they choose will be gender-neutral.

Did you purposefully choose a gender-neutral name for your child? Or did you simply choose something you love and it happened to be neither a girl’s or boy’s name? Changing the name could possibly result in a very angry Gingerbread Cookie…

Gingerbread Person - Gender Neutral

What do you think of gender neutrality?

Is it nothing more than another way to push political correctness? Or, is it the right thing to do for our kids now and in the future? I really do want to hear what you have to say, so I hope you’ll share. It’s okay if everyone doesn’t agree. Humans aren’t always supposed to. What is never more important than right now is to disagree with respect.

We could all use more of that.

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  1. This is so redicilous. This is a cookie. Just call it a gingerbread cookie. This world is going crazy!

  2. Oh my goodness and please…..give it a rest.  It’s a GINGERBREAD MAN and always will be!

  3. Oh the stupidity.  Seriously make a gingerbread man and eat it!!!  People do the dumbest things really.  Get over it and enjoy the cookie!!!

  4. It doesn’t matter how many genders men try to come up with. There are two, male and female.   If you insist I guess gender idiot or stupid might work. 

  5. Gingerbread Gender.!
    It’s a gender cookie with a gender name. It fors both.

  6. People are over thinking everything. What would your great grandmother call this cookie? It just gets people all worked up. 

  7. Its STUPID!!!!! Leave it alone, fricken idiots upset over a damn cookies name?????????

  8. Gingerbread Soul

  9. WTH??? This is getting to be so ridiculous!! In life we are Men and Women! This od a stupid cookie! So everything on life that has been him or her is going to be changed! I’m so over all this crap!!

  10. Gingerbread Man was a Fairy Tale…and, also, it wasn’t a person….

  11. It’s a cookie without a brain or heart, so, what does it matter if you call it what it’s been called for centuries, a gingerbread man! Who is getting hurt feelings, the cookie????

  12. The Gender issue has gone too far. If you won’t eat a cookie because of it’s gender specifications, then you have serious problems. It’s a cookie!!! The name, shape, and how it’s decorated shouldn’t matter. What matters are the flavours and what it’s decorated with (chocolate, royal icing, etc…). Just think of the gingerbread”man” as referring to the word human instead of gender.

  13. I not only support this but feel this hasn’t gone far enough. By calling this item “GINGERbread,” we are singling out lifeforms with red head, those who don’t have red hair but identify as having red hair, those who had red hair in a previous life or believe they will have red hair in the next life and those who have pet rocks whome they believe have red hair. We are not being inclusive of people of do not fall into the category of red hairness listed above. Henceforth, we should consider this “gingerbread cookie” to be “non-descript lifeform cookie.” In closing, for those a little slower on the update, this was a joke. Thank you.

  14. I never liked gingerbread cookies, only gingerbread. So I could care less how much they want to change stuff. I am too old school to change what I call them. I am too old to care what others call it. I don’t like them and will not ask for one so will still say gingerbread man if I ever speak of the cookie.

    It’s just a piece of cooked do. Though this world may think it will assist the young chose to change gender themselves. It is still just a cookie not a person. It will still be devoured, just not by me. I dislike them.

  15. I agree with Sue and I vote for Gingerbread cookie. After all that is what it is… The end.

  16. Gingerbread mankind is currently formulating its complaints against this.

  17. sorry it’s always going to be called gingerbread man to me just like it’s going to be a MERRY Christmas ain’t going to change because someone’s wants it to change sorry ppl I want alot things change but It wont happen so learn how to deal with it instead of going to complain to get intention leave the gingerbread MAN alone….

  18. The only thing that’s ridiculous is that you’re even considering doing this. I’m so tired of people taking ridiculous things like this and twisting it around to make it more suitable for the public. It’s a cookie it’s not a person and actually there are books out there that have the gingerbread man in them And they have been around forever. You need to get past this and move on and worry about how you’re going to make your gingerbread and not change the name of it. Nobody cares whether it’s a man or woman and I can tell you I certainly would not buy a gingerbread man that’s a he she LOL because it’s a cookie and it’s just stupid that you would put that out there. It will always be the gingerbread man and nothing else. Get over yourselves make a good product and it will sell wonderfully. Stop giving in to people who think that changing everything has to happen. Some things need to remain the same and this is one of them.

  19. I think the Ginger part is offensive and that’s the real problem here.

    • So should they change the name of BANANA bread, or PUMPKIN bread as well???
      Ginger is the type of spice its made of, has nothing to do with the color!!!

  20. They are named comes from the story about a gingerbread MAN. 

  21. Seriously, why does everything have to be “fixed” so that no ones “offended” ! Enough is enough it a a dang fool gingerbread man!!

  22. Call it a gingerfriend

  23. Is there any thought about giving ginger a name for all costumes. Like Happy Ginger or Grumpy Ginger or ginger Christmas, Scary Ginger,
    The list can go on and on in theory.

  24. I’m a woman and I’m okay with gingerbread men, firemen, salesmen, mailmen, because as women we are woMEN. God made us from men. So what are you going to change that next too?

    • Agree with your answer, we are either man or woman, I have a lesbian daughter but her exact words are “I do know that first of all I’m a woman the rest comes after the fact”  Enough said, I also love gingerbread man cookies and  anything ginger.

  25. Absolutely ridiculous, this whole “Political Correct” is crazy !! These confused “persons” need to have their brains examined. Who ever came up with this idiotic idea shouldn’t be telling anyone what should or shouldn’t be regarding gender. Geez, the completely confused persons, don’t even know who they are, and want to tell us what we need to call them.‍♀️‍♀️

  26. It’s Rediculess

  27. It would be wonderful if such effort, time, and money was spent on ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment which would then address wage-inequality and multiple Health-Care Issues.

  28. Good grief..its a cookie. Gingerbred man is fine. Its a cookie.

  29. There cannot be gender neutrality. God made man and woman. Trying to be everything to all is not possible. Remember no matter how hard people try to be something they think they are, through declarations or mutilation the chromosomes cannot change. A guy is a guy and a gal is a gal. A cookie is a cookie. Sugar and flour.
    Just stop.

  30. It’s a cookie! Do you want a gingerbread girl you add a little skirt there are no feelings to be hurt. It’s boy or girl… Political correctness has become absurd.

  31. Run run run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me……I’m the gingerbread man.  I think people have turned into cry babies. I think most of these people trying to make changes….really couldn’t care less about the thing they are complaining about…..I think they just want their 5 minutes of attention/fame.  I think they’re lonely and bored and need a life. If you want to change the world…..DO SOMETHING THAT MATTERS. . Get help for bullies help them be kinder people and help for those who kill themselves after being bullied. Find a way to help feed the starving, clothe the poor, medicate the sick, shelter the Homeless. Help someone get off drugs, help train someone for employment,  FOSTER a child who needs a parent!  EAT the cookie….his gender won’t matter as he navigates you’re your intestines.

  32. The left are killing EVERYTHING!

  33. I think it’s ridiculous and this gender neutral topic has gone way too far. Just leave it alone! 

  34. How about Ginge, pronounced gingee.

  35. Always will be a Gingerbread man to me. Getting carried away with this gender neutrality.

  36. I think the old names are the best! It should stay gingerbread MAN! If you want a woman then put a skirt on it. I think this is getting out of hand. Some things need to stay the same! I grew up with all these great fairytales and passed them on to my kids and now they are/have passed them on to their kids. IT’S A FAIRYTALE!!!!

  37. Ginger venus

  38. Gingerbred!!!

  39. little timmy and sanya are gonna watch shrek and be offended by the gingerbread man being called the gingerbread man and for him asking lord farquad, “do you know the muffin man” and scream at their tv saying it’s a muffin person. 

    the artical’s talking about scientists and salesperson having gender neutral names like a kid’s gonna see a cookie and be like, “i wanna be a gingerbread person!” 

  40. People are so fragile now that we are renaming cookies? If you’re that sensitive that a gender based name of a cookie triggers you then you’re a total waste of oxygen. To much time, energy, money and policy is devoted to appease an absolute minority that now than likely don’t even care but are pushing this rhetoric because they have nothing else to do with their own time or energy. Seriously, who in their right mind could honestly be offended by the gingerbread man?

  41. Since you are looking to make a change: *Gingerbread Buddies, Gingerbread Friends, Gingerbread Nuggets (Little Gingerbread Baby ones), Gingerbread Family …Gingerbread Cookies (saw below heheh), Gingerbread Firefighters, doctors, police, Holidays: Gingerbread ghosts, goblins, vampires, pilgrims, elves, valentines, patriots etc hehehehhe….

    And since you asked my thoughts: Gender is not what makes these cookies soooooo awesome, it is the Ginger…well that and maybe a dash of love.


  42. I think the issue needs to be researched on “Why” the Gingerbread “Man” was called that.
    If it’s a story told by grandparents long ago or a story written long ago, then society is trying to change an Author’s Story, wether it be a grandparent or a writer.
    If someone wants to change the story for their benefit, then let them but leave the original for everyone eles to enjoy, I say.
    Police, Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, ect are understandable.

  43. Make sure we don’t insult the food you plan on eating – possibly head first.  These people are idiots. 

  44. I’m not sure why it was ever called a gingerbread man in the first place, it has no penis. Just call it a freaking gingerbread cookie and be done with it. I think we have much bigger problems in this world than worrying over what to call a piece of dough… 

  45. What if it doesn’t want to identify as human? What if it wants to be identified as alien

  46. Ginger the gingerbread!

  47. Yes here’s an idea…… gingerbread man!!!

  48. Are you s__ting me?? Stop pandering to those who have identity issues . Snow men are just that and gingerbread men are just that. No sexual identity intended or needed. JMHO

  49. There is no such thing as gender neutrality. It has already been proven. I took a college class on it. I’ll still call it gingerbread man no matter what.

  50. How about “Caroll” : gender neutral!

  51. But he is a man & has not expressed that he has issues with that. In the fairy tale he states “run, run as fast as you can. You cant cath me, im the gingerbread MAN!” and in shrek he hits on all the females. I think if a person is unsure or unhappy with their own gender & wants to be considered gender neutral, fine….but dont force it on everyone else, especially if it effects our long standing stories, national anthem etc….

  52. Seriously??? Wow…what is the world coming to today…It’s a gingerbread man, and it always will be…stop trying to make it what it’s not

  53. Limp biscuit. As is your request to find a new name. Why don’t you spend your misguided time on issues helping people in your community? Food shelves, drug coalitions, homelessness, abuse jyst to name a few. Boy scouts need to be boy scouts with boys onl, girl scouts remain girl scouts with girls only. It is a cookie, a biscuit, a bread, inanimate, why bother. So sad time is spent on thi vs like this.

  54. Ginsicle
    Ginger Love

  55. This is so Ridiculous I can’t even stand it anymore. Honestly how stupid does this sound??? Gender neutral cookies lol wow what is this world coming to.. God Save us 

  56. There’s nothing complicated or hard to understand about the Gingerbread man….let’s keep it simple…the fact that someone actually is putting their time and energy into creating a non gender cookie is ridiculous…Does anyone really think females are offended by the word Gingerbread man”??? Can’t we keep anything simple and pure, without thinking about the sexual gender of it???? It’s a cookie….!!!!

  57. What? Are we worried that little girls wont grow up believing they can be gingerbread men if they are called such?
    FYI – I still call them mailmen and firemen.

  58. Oh my gosh! Really so crazy, it is a cookie!

  59. Another perfect example of how the left destroys EVERYTHING it touches!

  60. Should be Gingerbreds. Covers everyone!

  61. YALL ARE IDIOTS! Leave it as it has been the “gingerbread man”. This gender crap is ridiculous!

  62. Ginger gems

  63. Its a stinking cookie made with ginger. Ginger is considered a “girls” name. So, is it a man with girl ingrediants? Now, shall we gender neutral our spices? Im upset about black and white pepper. I believe I have a recipe calling for white pepper to make gingerbread cookues. They should just be identified as a gingerbread cookie and get on with life.

  64. It’s someone’s company and it’s their choice as to what they wish to do with it so my opinion means nothing. I will say I think it is a bit ridiculous and much, but can appreciate them trying to respect some of their customers (a small portion I would think). So in light of the request for a name here are a few I have come up with…. 
    1. Just Gingers
    2. Ginger folk (s)
    3. Friendly Gingers
    4. Ginger Friends
    5. Ginger people
    6. Great Gingers
    7. Ginger Goodies
    8. Gentle Gingers

    Good luck coming up with a name 😉 

  65. What about us people who believe it should be left alone! Really ridiculous if you ask me. If the gender people are so offended make one for them but leave the original alone. Getting out of hand for sure

  66. Gingerbread man is gender neutral! It’s a cookie in shape of a human. Well really they look nothing like us. They are their own “idenity”!!! I am a woman I do not feel unidentified because of gingerbread MEN. They are cookies!!! Imagine calling your friends for Christmas cookie making…”Hi Ann, are you coming to our gingerbread …umm er ahh man/woman well wait gingerbread people shaped cookie making party? Really how Do you know if its a man or woman? It could be a gingerbread man locked inside a gingerbread womans body? Or maybe it identifies as genderless…it could be just plain confused…maybe it’s actually shaped like a man but its really a dog? Then another question… should we develope gingerbread persons with out legs or arms or wheelchaired shaped… I mean think about it if your going to worry about gender in a cookie how about kids/people that don’t have those body parts. Are they not to have an idenity in cookie form as well? Whew, its down right confusing!! Lets just do away with the traditional shape and do a head and torso shape and call them gingerbread beings! CUTE THAT!

  67. Run! Run! As fast as you can. You can’t catch me! I don’t know what I am!

  68. Seriously this Gender neutral and renaming everything is getting out of control…Generations of history behind the name of things…Why not keep the old and add the new in another form!!!!

  69. How about ” Hogfood “

  70. When I was a child, I read the story of the Gingerbread Man where he escaped the kitchen and fled down the street saying, “Run, run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me; I’m the Gingerbread Man!” Nowadays I guess that story will have to be rewritten, too. “This world is dark and it’s gonna worsen! Catch me and eat me, I’m the Gingerbread Person!” I don’t believe for a moment that thoughts of gender neutrality are at the root of this — but it’s a clever marketing campaign! My suggestion for the new name is “Kooky.”

  71. Everybody is drinking the Kool-aid. 

  72. I feel people are going too far with gender neutrality. It’s fine if we are talking careers and things of that nature to not make some feel like they can’t pursue their dreams but to put gender neutrality on things like cookies is just insane. There are literally two genders, male and female it’s biological not about how we “feel”.

  73. I personally think you need to leave it alone it’s been this way for years not everything needs to be gender neutral I could care less if your purple but something’s are meant to stay the way they’ve been for years and years gingerbread men are meant for Christmas time not Halloween or Easter just Christmas time and that’s that 

  74. I feel things are fine the way they are.
    There should be no need to change what
    isn’t broken. If a person is offended, that is
    on them for allowing themselves to feel that way.