Girls Use Tooth Fairy Money on Toilet Paper for the Elderly

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While things are getting out of hand around the world thanks to the coronavirus, there are still good people in the world. Instead of bulk buying, these two little girls used their tooth fairy money to buy toilet paper and give it to the elderly.

Addyson and Lucy

Addyson McGuire and her best friend Lucy are from Far North Queensland, Australia. Like all around the world, people in Australia are bulk buying and hoarding many things in the store. Food, sanitizer, and toilet paper are all gone from the shelves.

Addyson went shopping with her mom on Friday. They went down the toilet paper aisle and found it almost empty. It was then that Addyson learned about what was going on around the world with the bulk buying, and it made her very upset.

So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Addyson asked her mom if she could buy the rest of the toilet paper with her money she saved up from the tooth fairy. She then wanted to take the toilet paper to their elderly neighbors.

Then, Addyson and Lucy went door to door to those who truly needed the toilet paper. Addyson’s mom, Petrina, took a picture of them and posted it on social media by saying, “Loaded with toilet paper and tissues they purchased with pocket money and are walking around pensioner cottages seeing if they need any.” It quickly went viral on social media.

The Response

Everyone who received the toilet paper was extremely grateful. Some traded the toilet paper with something else in return for these sweet girls. One lady gave them fairy crystals while another took some to his friend who was sick and could not get any for himself.

People who saw the post online were amazed and grateful for this note of positivity among this hard time. Lots of them shared their feelings on the matter as well. Many felt like more adults needed to stop fighting over things and be more like these young girls.

These young sweethearts are such an example to follow, especially when the entire world is facing a tragedy and struggling. Next time you interact with someone, try to be more like these little girls, who used their precious tooth fairy money to buy things like toilet paper for the elderly.

There are people who need things more than you do at this time. The elderly are struggling enough to make it out of their homes to get these necessities just to have the stores completely emptied out. Take time to reach out to those in need and help in any way you can.

Just like we saw with these girls, one act of kindness can go a long way. Start today, and see the difference it will make in someone’s life.

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