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Goodbye to Hostess and our Collection of Hostess Fun Food!

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Goodbye to Hostess and our Collection of Hostess Fun Food!

We were so sad to hear about the news of Hostess closing! We have loved making fun food ideas using Hostess products in the past and they have been so kind to share a lot of them with their followers. Everyone loves them and we will definitely miss them!

Here is a collection of fun Hostess snacks that we have made in the past…

These Ding Dong Doggies are one of our favorites….

Ding Dong Doggies

These Back to School Bus Twinkies were a big hit with our readers…

School Bus Twinkies

We made these fun Ding Dong Dracula Pops for Halloween…

Ding Dong Dracula Pops

We made these Mr. & Mrs. Piggy Sno Balls last year…

Mr. Piggy Sno Ball

Mrs. Piggy Sno Ball

We made these Frankentwinkies for a Frankenstein party that we had for Halloween…

Frankenstein twinkies

We also had a Curious George Party and made these Man in the Yellow Twinkie Hats…

Man in the Yellow Twinkie Hats

We also wanted to share a Ode to Hostess Video that my brother’s best friend’s 11 year old son made. It’s really cute and we think that he did a awesome job!

We had a few of our fun Hostess Twinkie ideas shared on yesterday along with a lot of other fun Twinkie ideas HERE for you to check out!

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What a great good-bye to Hostess post! Your treats are so cute, and I love the video:) He did a great job!

This is my favorite post since the beginning of blogs.

Like GONE gone? Completely gone? It's not just twinkies? It's my favorite chocolate cupcakes with the little white squiggle too! And powdered donuts? This is awful! (And how did I totally miss that this was going on?)

What cute ideas!! And don't worry. Someone else will buy up the company. I don't think we've seen the last of Twinkies and Snowballs. 🙂

I can't believe Hostess is closing. I'm so sad. Your creations are so darn cute!

What a fun tribute to Hostess. Let's just hope someone else picks up their recipes!

You always have such great stuff. I totally wish I could do the school bus Twinkies. Too late!


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